"In the first 90 days, [after implementing Folloze] for the partners that received content plays we saw a 27% increase in deal registration."

Eric Bauer VP Marketing & Business Development

AudioCodes has risen to become one of the leading providers of converged business voice solutions, supporting 66 of the top 100 service providers and 50+ of the Fortune 100 enterprises. They have deployed over 10 million VoIP gateways in the last 5 years, yet their sales and marketing teams run lean. They depend on technology and their channel partners to handle the heavy lifting.





How to Enable Powerful Engagement Through ABM

Carlyn Manly, Head of Marketing
Eric Bauer, VP Marketing & Business Development

With Folloze, we get a tremendous amount of insight. We can see who opens our messages, when they open it, and how long they spend on different pieces of content on our boards. It really provides insight beyond what was possible before.