Personalize buyer experiences in minutes—no coding required

Customize ABM landing page content and creative with AI-powered recommendations to create connected buyer journeys—for serious performance.

Connect sales and marketing to make the most of every touchpoint

Empower your sales team by orchestrating campaigns together. Integrate Folloze Boards into email, social, web, ads, and sales tools.

Deepen engagement with in-the-moment insights

Accelerate the path to purchase with individual and account level engagement insights. Track first-party behavior data across the journey.

Sending ABM results into overdrive—fast

In today’s buyer-centric market, agility is key—and engagement is the new currency.
Top B2B brands are driving scalable ABM growth, with Folloze.

increased deal size

“We can build hyper-personalized experiences, and the time to market is crazy. We can literally add people into our program in a couple of days—or if needed, within a couple of hours.”

Marlowe Fenne

Sr. Manager ABM

responses per prospect over 5 weeks

“Folloze Boards are at the center of our execution. We can personalize by individual as well as by company. We’re also including complementary content to all the programs we’re building.”

Colleen Goldblatt

Head of Global Programs ABM

sales cycle by 5 months

“We needed a tool that would allow us to be agile, offer scalable personalization, help us tell a content story, and show ROI. Folloze’s easy-to-use interface allows just that.”

Natalie Moore

Enterprise ABM Manager for AEC

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