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When you commit to a true ABX-driven marketing model, you’re committing to a journey of excellence. Your people, processes, and technology must work well together to ensure you’re delivering value and experiencing the meaningful performance gains of a truly connected GTM model.

Up your game with Folloze

Sometimes you need guidance from experienced professionals to get things moving. Our in-house team and network of service providers are experts in every aspect of an ABX-driven model. From building high-performing campaign experiences and getting your tech stack working well, to creating your strategy and operating model.

See what we offer:

Board building and campaign set up

Just getting started? Let our team of experts build your boards, optimize your tech and set your campaigns up for success.

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Technical operations

We'll take over your technical assistance from migrating from your old system to making wide scale changes to boards and more.

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Strategic Services

Our partner Infinite Edge Consulting offers holistic, ala carte ABX solutions to address your organization’s largest ABM gaps and quickly drive to readiness, deployment and impact.

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Expert Workshops

Our workshops are hands-on experiences designed to help you tighten your plans and increase your level of competence and confidence to run your ABX campaigns with ease.

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Hire an agency with Folloze expertise

Are you looking for an agency proficient in ABM and Folloze? Our top-tier agency partners offer specialized expertise, scalability, cost efficiency, and a fresh perspective on your company initiatives. Expect tailored solutions, efficient project management, and measurable results.

Success packages

Our success packages are here to assist you in achieving a quick and easy set up using the Folloze platform from day 1. Each customized package provides transparent assistance from our dedicated customer success team to worry less about the set up and focus more on maximizing results for your business quickly.

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