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Folloze is the easiest and most powerful buyer experience platform to help anyone create rich, relevant, data-driven ABM and demand-gen campaigns — and so much more. Do it all in minutes, with no code required.

The next generation
of Folloze is here!

The easiest and most powerful buyer experience platform just got even easier and more powerful. Folloze Buyer Experience Platform 3.0 is here! Now you can build anything you want, and measure it all.

What will you build today?

Personalized ABM Campaigns

Empower your B2B marketing team to create and launch data-driven, personalized experiences across target accounts that leave content consumers feeling like “this was built for me.”

  • Leverage personalization at each touchpoint to boost account engagement, conversions, and business outcomes
  • Deliver a relevant and connected buyer journey that dynamically adapts to buyer needs and behaviors
  • Activate consumer and intent data with content experiences that incorporate buying phase and previous account history
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Support any GTM motion while helping buyers through their self-discovery and decision-making process.

  • Account or business development: Give your ADR/BDR teams the power to scale their outreach with personalized content, tailored to each target account
  • Partner and channel portals: Create a centralized partner resource portal that supports each channel partner with the right tools for their GTM teams
  • If you can imagine it, there’s a Folloze Board for that: Folloze supports virtually any GTM use case across the entire buyer journey
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Targeted Virtual Events

Leverage specialized, high-touch virtual events to help B2B buyers solve common business challenges and network with like-minded industry peers.

  • Make it easy for prospects and customers to discover, register for, attend, and interact with valuable and engaging events
  • Quickly launch events to plug pipeline revenue gaps, accelerate opportunities, and boost conversions and bookings
  • Transform your content into bespoke event experiences to foster deeper account engagement
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Landing Pages

Make your landing pages more effective and engaging through dynamic content, messaging, offers, and fulfillment.

  • Increase campaign conversions up to 25% by presenting the right offer, at the right time
  • Boost the impact of your ABM campaigns through deeply personalized website experiences
  • In real time, A/B test and optimize your content, messages, and campaigns
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Media & Digital Content Hubs

Take a page from B2C playbooks and give digital-first buyers immersive, content-powered experiences.

  • Captivate buyers and promote engagement with always-on content experiences that feel truly personalized
  • Leverage your high-value content at each digital touchpoint to advance buyers through their journey
  • Boost your lifecycle marketing programs with an intelligent content hub that dynamically aligns to each stage of the buyer journey
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Create rich, personalized content destinations in minutes, with no coding

Build digital buyer experiences for any marketing campaign with a ridiculously easy, no-code design tool. No more waiting days or weeks for digital assets



Customize content and creative, in real time, with the click of a button

Easily customize and change content on your Boards at any time to create richer, highly personalized and more engaging user experiences.



Deploy campaigns across marketing channels and align with sales

Integrate Boards to the channels you leverage today — email, social, website, ads, or sales engagement tools — and orchestrate campaigns that empower your sales team.



Get actionable engagement insights based on content consumption

Capture engagement behavior insights in real time, and apply them at the individual and account levels to confidently plan the best, most impactful next steps.

What Folloze Customers are Saying

Adam Romanowski Sr. Director, Demand Generation & ABM

"What I really love about Folloze are 3 things: easy to use, agile, and easy to scale."
50% target account CxO engagement

Marlowe Fenne Sr. Manager, ABM

"We can build hyper-personalized experiences, and the time to market is crazy. We can literally add people into our program in a couple of days — or if needed, within a couple of hours."
25% increased deal size

Damon Waldron Director, Demand Generation

“Folloze is just an easy button. It gives you great insight not only at the account level, but also the individual level. People [can] self-nurture, and make their way through the journey on their own.”
5k registrants across 900+ accounts

Colleen Goldblatt Head of Global Programs, ABM

“Folloze Boards are at the center of our execution. We can personalize by individual, as well as by company. We're also [including] complementary content to all the programs we're building.”
2.2+ responses per prospect over 5 weeks

Andre Laurent WW Director of Engineering for Enterprise Network Sales

“We went from using Folloze for focused enablement to demand generation-type activity to targeted account motions. The aha moment for me is that we’re just scratching the surface.”
40% increased pipeline

Nathalie Moore Enterprise ABM Manager, AEC

“We needed a tool that would allow us agility, offer scalable personalization, help us tell a content story, and show ROI. Folloze’s easy-to-use interface allows just that.”
Sales cycle decreased by 5 months

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