So simple, yet so powerful

With Folloze, easily build highly engaging, personalized content destinations across the entire B2B buyer journey that drive deeper account engagement and revenue growth

The easiest and most powerful buyer experience platform

Easy. Create rich, personalized content experiences in minutes with no coding. Easily scales campaigns from 10 to 10,000 accounts.

Effective and Extensible. From ABM to nurture campaigns, boost the revenue impact of virtually any marketing motion.

Empowering. Allows any frontline marketer to create personalized buyer experiences in an agile, self-service environment.

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Today's digital-first buyers want more.
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Why Folloze

Over $11 billion in pipeline delivered

300,000 Campaigns Executed

1.5 Million Engaged Accounts

Millions of Engaged Buyers

One platform. Create unlimited buyer experiences.

Design engaging experiences with ease

Create dynamic digital buyer experiences in less than 30 minutes. Our no-code designer makes it easy to support any marketing campaign or program across the entire buyer journey.

Personalize rich buyer journeys at scale

Leverage your existing data, content and messaging to personalize and guide buyers through their unique journeys — all at enterprise scale.

Orchestrate success with sellers

Execute precise marketing-led campaigns that focuses your sellers on the right target accounts and ensures they deliver on their booking goals.

Measure engagement across the buyer journey

Analyze target accounts with a shared view of engagement that spans every activated channel and touchpoint. Understand buyers — known or unknown — their needs and challenges, and where they are in their journey.

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