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Deliver highly relevant content and hyper-personalized digital experiences. Transform B2B engagement with no-code design tools, data insights, and content intelligence.

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No-code designer allows for on brand experience building in under 30 minutes

Make it easy for anyone to design any digital content experience—and go live in minutes. With Folloze, you can create compelling, connected B2B buyer journeys. Control every aspect of branding, maintain compliance, and integrate data and attribution.

Content intelligence ensures real-time personalized experiences

Send highly-targeted content to add value and accelerate deals. Get real-time, personalized content recommendations powered by ChatGPT plus auto-tagging for easy asset management. Keep sales and marketing focused on the best opportunities together.

Elevate and amplify your existing martech stack

What's new with Folloze?

Dynamic digital experiences

Create and customize digital content experiences in minutes with features like our no-code designer, brand manager, flexible templates, and more.

Content management and recommendation

Keep all your content in one place and deepen buyer engagement with tagging and real-time recommendations, uniquely powered by ChatGPT AI.

Advanced data analytics + first-party insight

Access individual engagement and conversion metrics across interactions via account dashboards, real-time reporting, and tracking links.

Sales and marketing orchestration

Optimize plays across sales and marketing with a built-in campaigns, seamless integration with key martech tools, and easy “on-behalf” orchestration.

Personalized experiences. Targeted content.
Outstanding results.

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