Host engaging and highly-targeted virtual events, from start to finish

Launch and host highly-targeted, high-touch webinar events—engage buyers and customers better, from invite to follow up. It’s easy, with Folloze.

Pre-event: Set the stage for success with targeted outreach

Attract attendees with a digital destination promoting speakers, talking points, and teaser content, then invite your most valued audience members.

During: Host an engaging, seamless virtual event

Give your audience what they want—rich embedded video, compelling content, and genuine connection. Pepper in playbooks, quizzes and more.

Post-event: Follow up and keep connecting

Gain granular insights for strategic follow up. Quickly turn live experiences into valuable on-demand content to support future campaigns.

Promote, launch, and host highly-targeted events that drive revenue

Real-world targeted event success stories

Find out how top B2B brands are attracting and engaging buyers before, during, and after targeted
virtual events, with Folloze.

webcast views across channels

$7.5B net-new transaction volume from webcast attendees

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“People are engaged, and engagement turns virtual relationships into real relationships and real monetary value.”

Chris Zegal

SVP of Marketing

“Virtual events are powerful, interactive, and personable channels to engage customers—but execution is challenging. Folloze elevates our ability to deliver more personalized, targeted virtual event experiences to deeply engage the target accounts our clients care about most.”

Steve O’Neil


users engaged

When they moved their annual flagship event completely online quickly with Folloze.

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“We’re building a data-driven organization, and Folloze has been instrumental in moving us in that direction.”

Nicola Segal

Senior Marketing Manager

Get insider expertise to transform targeted events

True B2B buyer engagement starts with Folloze