Activate full-funnel performance for demand-gen marketing

Bring ABM-level performance to B2B demand-gen campaigns—quickly and efficiently. Partner closely with sales to generate revenue throughout the funnel.

Take the guesswork out of buyer engagement

Automatically create personalized buyer experiences with relevant content, and fine-tune across the journey using engagement history and insights.

Bring marketing and sales together to power serious performance

Bring sales and marketing together to optimize experiences at every stage, increasing campaign efficiency, effectiveness, and conversions.

Go beyond page views, opens, and clicks

Get deep engagement insights you won’t find anywhere else. Determine a prospect’s true propensity—no more wasting time on the wrong leads.

Why our customers love Folloze for demand-gen

Discover why leading global brands rely on Folloze’s digital content platform to radically
reimagine demand-gen and turbocharge results.

increase in pipeline

Hundreds of millions of dollars in pipeline created.

“We went from using Folloze for focused enablement to demand generation-type activity to targeted account motions. The aha moment for me is that we’re just scratching the surface.”

Andre Laurent

Worldwide Director of Engineering for Enterprise Network Sales

users engaged

When they moved their annual flagship event completely online quickly with Folloze.

“We’re building a data-driven organization, and Folloze has been instrumental in moving us in that direction.”

Nicola Segal

Senior Marketing Manager

sales cycle by 5 months

“We needed a tool that would allow us to be agile, offer scalable personalization, help us tell a content story, and show ROI. Folloze’s easy-to-use interface allows just that.”

Natalie Moore

Enterprise ABM Manager for AEC

Get road-tested tips to transform demand-gen performance

True B2B buyer engagement starts with Folloze