Purpose-built for today’s B2B marketing needs

Empower everyone in your B2B marketing organization to build rich, personalized experiences in a simple, no-code environment—in under 30 minutes.

What’s new on the Folloze Buyer Experience Platform 3.0

Marketo cookie matching

Identify individual contacts and connect to their behavior profile automatically to enhance future personalization.

Content auto-tagging

Improve search and eliminate manual work with automatic, trainable content tagging powered by Chat GPT AI.

Outreach Integration

Connect marketing and sales execution to turn cold outreach into warm engagement, with data-driven personalization.

What sets Folloze apart

No-code designer

Design on-brand, compliant microsites, landing pages, virtual events, and more in minutes—no technical expertise required.

Set up personalization rules for ABX campaign landing pages
Folloze AI uses AI to generate text and landing pages to get marketers 80% of the way there.

Persistent identity

Combine known and unknown identity and behavioral insights from across the entire buyer journey to gain a persistent high definition picture of prospects to enhance personalization.

Integration depth

Extend the value of your martech stack with deep integration for the CRM, MAP, and ABM platforms and tools your teams rely on.

Folloze integrates with multiple CRM, MAP, ABM platforms within your martech stack.

Digital Experience Features

Brand manager

Enforce your company’s fonts, colors, logos, style sheets, and more with admin control over access and change management.


Use first-party behavioral data to automatically personalize messaging, content, creative, and CTAs for any digital experience.

Gallery and templates

Optimize experiences with pre-built board templates for specific use cases, or choose from a gallery of sections to create your own board quickly.


Extend digital experiences with customer sections.

Conversion forms

Leverage custom or MAP forms for conversion.

Access management

Control access to boards and assets via passwords, two-factor authentication, or SSO—for internal processes, partners, and customers.

Content center

Curate and organize all of your content in a single, centralized hub for ease, speed, and visibility.

Content recommendations

Deliver the most relevant and engaging content-based experiences in real time, with ChatGPT AI-powered recommendations.

Content viewer

Present any native or third-party content seamlessly in your boards. Standardize individual asset engagement analytics that cover duration, location, and device.

Article publishing

Write and publish articles directly to your boards using rich text, images, and videos. Create a blog, resource center, or customer ABM content, with outside searchability.

Bulk editing

Manage things like gating forms, theme colors, and fonts across boards in bulk, while maintaining granular control over who can edit content and design.

Video player and streaming

Host and stream webinars, videos, and simulive content natively using built-in integrations or via third-party sites.

Campaign analytics

Understand campaign engagement at a granular level—including content views and clicks, duration of visits and asset views, email conversion rates, and more.

Account dashboard

Access all your engagement metrics and analytics in one place—see the big picture for an account, or drill down to the individual level.

Report center

Run deep engagement and content reports, and sort across multiple dimensions, including identity, UTM source, campaign name, timeframe, and date range.

Engagement sensor

Go deep into engagement tracking for any interaction—see time spent, CTA click throughs, actions taken, and journey progress.

Tracking links

Leverage third-party tools for emails targeting Folloze boards.

Data warehouse

Access all your available data using business intelligence tools for deep analysis, and deeper understanding.

On-behalf campaigns

Bring sellers into the fold from the start—marketers can create micro-sites and campaigns for sellers to sign off on, with auto-execution from the seller’s mailbox.

Content plays

Schedule content assets to publish to your boards over time to increase engagement and prospect new buyers. 

Sales account dashboard

Understand accounts and individual buyers with a single dashboard for engagement, activity, and content reports.

Salesforce integration

Sync your buyer and prospect data with Salesforce to track actual engagement.

SDR prospecting

Leverage Outreach or Salesforce to enhance prospecting campaigns by adding rich content that’s individually relevant.

Seller contact card

Dynamically present the salesperson’s contact card to personalize experiences and empower buyers.

True B2B buyer engagement starts with Folloze