Folloze + Outreach

Combine the prospecting capabilities of two industry leaders to amplify sales and marketing efforts, making them more efficient and effective. Engage prospects better, book more qualified meetings, and increase deal velocity and win rate.

Embrace a smarter way to sell

Create compelling experiences for prospects by adding Folloze boards to any Outreach sequence. Track engagement to anticipate and personalize every step of the journey and prioritize the best opportunities. Get every relationship off to a great start.

Outreach + Folloze makes outbound sales seamless.
Folloze provides sales and marketing with first party intent data to show content engagement and more.

Align sales and marketing teams

Extend the reach of demand gen and ABM campaigns. Let sellers easily access and share fully mapped and contextualized buyer journeys or simple one-off content items. Measure the impact of every interaction from within the Outreach platform.

Unleash seller productivity with seamless integration

Craft and send outbound messaging that converts to personalized, compelling content experiences and automatically adapts to the account or contact—all with just a few clicks. Increase first-meeting conversion rate + pipeline, and accelerate sales cycles.

Folloze plus integration - B2B sales enablement and outbounding

Here’s why Folloze + Outreach are better together

With Folloze + Outreach, target and engaage B2B buyers, unlock deep insights, and personalize at scale

Make the most of Folloze + Outreach

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