Folloze Targeted Events

Host highly targeted and intimate virtual events that deliver big-time engagement across your key accounts to drive revenue growth.

An introduction to Folloze Targeted Events

Watch and learn how Folloze Targeted Events makes it easy for frontline marketers to quickly launch high-touch virtual events — no technical expertise is required


Pre-Event: Invitation & Promotion

Create anticipation for your event by offering a compelling destination for attendee registration that promotes relevant info, like speakers, agendas and key talking points, and includes additional ‘teaser’ content for people who want to learn more.

And with Orchestrated Campaigns, execute a highly-targeted email campaign strategy by delivering email invites and confirmations through the outboxes of connected sellers who manage relationships with the most important members of your audiences.


During: Delivery & Execution

Embed rich video content natively into any Folloze board. Options include:

  • Native integrations with Zoom Meeting & Webinar
  • Existing video hosting platform, like Brightcove, Wistia, or Vidyard
  • Native simulive streaming via the Folloze built-in video player

From prescriptive presentations and playbooks to quizzes and surveys, combine targeted content and a small audience format to foster genuine connections and peer networking.


Post-Event: Leave Behinds & Follow-Up

Extend the ROI of your event by quickly repurposing live event experiences into on-demand content that support future campaigns.

Leverage granular engagement insights across both events and attendees for deeper target account segmentation and follow-up.


"Virtual events are powerful, interactive, and personable channels to engage customers. Unfortunately, the execution challenge associated with deploying these events at scale can often be insurmountable for frontline marketing teams. Folloze Targeted Events elevates our ability to deliver more personalized, targeted virtual event experiences to deeply engage the target accounts our clients care about most."

Steve O'Neil
Director, Agent3

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