Folloze for Demand Generation

Drive up to 10X more engagement from your digital campaigns.

The endless slog of building microsites and landing pages is over

With Folloze, any B2B marketer can launch sophisticated, ‍personalized buyer journeys that let target audiences choose what relevant content interests them – no more guessing what your buyers will like. B2B demand generation campaigns and programs powered by Folloze are far more engaging, improving brand awareness and Call-to-Action success, meaning higher conversions and warmer pipeline of well-qualified leads.


Folloze allows sophisticated B2B marketing and sales orchestration plays

Marketing creates the microsites and campaigns with the buyer persona in mind, kickstarting the sales cycle. Sales teams are notified and can edit or approve the marketing campaigns that are then automatically executed. When a demand generation campaign is executed, it is personalized for both the seller and for the account prospect. The result is a perceived true 1-to-1 engagement with potential customers, resulting in improved conversion rates across the entire buyer’s journey.


Folloze takes you way beyond page views, opens and clicks

Enjoy deeper insights that measure your target customers’ serious interest in your offerings, such as number and duration of content views, forwarding or sharing, call-to-action executions, which ones they share with colleagues – all for each and every asset they engage with throughout their journey. Every single metric tracked for you in the Folloze dashboard was designed to help the Demand Gen team determine exactly when is the right time for for sales to engage potential buyers – and when to hold off.


Want to see how Folloze boosts the impact and ROI of your demand-gen programs?