Folloze for Sales Orchestration

Turn your sellers into revenue superstars.

Bridge the Marketing-Sales Execution Gap

Today’s savvy and informed B2B buyer controls the entire sales cycle, often without consulting sellers until late in the process. In this new reality, most marketing teams struggle to deliver the timely and targeted programs to ensure that sellers can successfully engage this dynamic B2B buyer.

The Folloze B2B Personalized Marketing Platform transforms account-based marketing playbooks with tailored and micro-targeted experiences. Orchestrated by marketing, this end-to-end process will deliver the personalized campaigns and real-time insights across a recommended set of target accounts to ensure that sellers will successfully book the revenue.


Ensure Seller Success with Targeting Dashboard

Folloze identifies and prioritizes high-propensity accounts through its Targeting Dashboard. Armed with insight about top targets, sellers can engage buyers with very specific offers for new products or solutions, renewals, up-sells, or to combat competitive threats.

As part of this process, sellers will receive ready-to-go, personalized, and account-specific campaigns to drive pipeline and bookings.


Measure and Monetize Account Engagement

Building a solid pipeline requires solid account engagement. The Folloze Account Engagement Dashboard presents aggregated engagement data by target accounts, segments, and contacts. These powerful visualizations and insights help both sellers and marketing teams plan and measure the impact and ROI of their account-based marketing programs, and support real-time decision making.

Teams can quickly gauge target account engagement levels for their most valuable customers with aggregated metrics from inbound and outbound programs and customer touch points. Actionable dashboards and recommendations with individual contact details empower sellers to quickly take action and turn engagement into real revenue.


Boost the revenue Impact of your ABM Program with Intelligent Sales Orchestration

As marketing teams deliver micro-targeted campaigns across their target accounts, Folloze closes the loop to help sellers translate marketing interest into the right actions that drive pipeline and revenue by connecting disparate islands of data into a simple, guided sales process.

Save hours with recommended campaign orchestration, intelligent content recommendations and account insights. Deliver the right content at the right time with auto-recommended boards/content, auto-personalization of images, copy and content, automated industry tailoring and more.


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