Folloze and 6sense Solution

6sense and Folloze are combining the power of intent and propensity data with the effectiveness of contextual content and messaging to deliver rich, personalized journeys that cater to today’s digital-first buyer

Architect targeted, engaging buyer journeys in minutes

Powered by 6sense, Folloze will identify target accounts in real-time and dynamically personalize buyer journeys based upon intent, buying stage or channel. That means only minutes, instead of weeks, spent planning and launching omni-channel campaigns that produce deep account engagement and insights.


Harness the power of "all-bound" account identification and intent data

6sense’s industry-leading account identification capabilities combined with Folloze’s unique identity model creates digital destinations that are optimized for any mix of inbound and outbound channels. Add buying stage and intent data to the mix to deliver contextual, adaptive buyer experiences that help guide buyers through each stage of their journey.

Fast integration - faster time to value

Did we mention that it takes less than a minute to connect both Folloze and 6sense? Simply share your 6sense API key with Folloze and start building better buyer journeys today.

Today's digital-first buyers are savvier than ever. Delivering personalized, timely, and relevant buyer experiences across a wide range of digital touchpoints has become table stakes for revenue teams. Our partnership with Folloze delivers on this vision by empowering marketing teams to engage buyers based on their unique buying journey and what is most relevant to them.

Viral Bajaria
CTO & Co-Founder, 6sense

Learn more about the 6sense and Folloze integration at our upcoming April 27, 2021 webcast.

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