Building a Better Buyer Journey Starts with a Folloze Board

From creating ABM and demand-gen campaigns, to targeted events and digital sales rooms — we’ve got simple solutions to your most complex marketing problems. Whatever you need to get done, there’s a Folloze Board for that.

With a Folloze Board, the possibilities are endless

A single Folloze Board is a blank digital canvas that empowers any frontline marketer to quickly build content-rich destinations and campaigns across the entire B2B buyer journey. With Folloze, the potential to deliver deep buyer engagement and revenue growth are limitless.

Yes, there's a Folloze Board for that

From acquisition to advocacy, our customers have successfully built Folloze boards to support virtually any go-to-market use case and desired outcome — no code is required. 

Microsites? Deal-rooms? Partner Portals? Personalized content journeys? If you can imagine it, there’s a Folloze Board for that.

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Activate your customer data

Building a connected, relevant and personalized buyer journey starts with your customer data. A Folloze Board transforms your customer data — including firmographic, buying stage, and intent — into memorable experiences that guides buyers through each stage of their journey. Learn more about our data partnerships with industry leading companies including 6sense, Demandbase, and Dun & Bradstreet.

Built-in behavioral intelligence

Content is the new currency to engage today’s digital-first buyer through their path to purchase and beyond. From the blank canvas of your Folloze Board, transform your existing content library into unique and relevant buyer experience. Through behavioral intelligence and analytics, each Folloze Board measures how individuals, accounts, and buying committees are responding to your content and campaigns.

Democratize and empower marketers

To support a digital-selling environment, marketing teams must execute with agility and impact. In less than 30-minutes, any frontline marketer can plan, build, and launch an end-to-end digital campaign from a Folloze Board and generate immediate results.  Simply drag and drop the Folloze Board elements to create your desired content-based experience. No code. No stress.

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Orchestrate Success with Sellers

Execute precise marketing-led campaigns that focuses your sellers on the right target accounts and ensures they deliver on their booking goals.

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Folloze ABX Masterclass

Every Folloze Board is backed by a growing community

Our success is based upon a growing community of frontline marketers. Every day, these marketing and revenue practitioners transform Folloze Boards into engaging buyer experiences, better sales and marketing alignment, and predictable revenue growth. Their passion and creativity has inspired our community to share their best practices, campaign designs, and innovative use cases.

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