Watch the webinar: How B2B marketers can prepare for a post COVID-19 world

It’s always interesting to see when a major analyst firm has to overcome a hurdle themselves, one about which they’ve been professionally advising others. But that’s exactly the situation SiriusDecisions/Forrester found themselves in when their upcoming Summit was forced to go virtual due to the COVID-19 crisis. The good news is, they know a LOT about the topic, including how B2B marketing teams can pivot to deliver top-line growth without having physical channels such as events, field, and experiential marketing to fall back on.

Their pain is your gain, because you can now learn from them and some progressive companies what steps to take, by watching this informative webinar wherein Forrester’s Lisa Groocock, VP, Principal Analyst, Demand and Account-Based Marketing of Forrester/SiriusDecisions, and I, Gary Gerber of Folloze, discuss how COVID-19 changes everything - in many ways for the better - and how you can adjust your future marketing strategy to succeed despite - and even because - of it.