Up Close and Personal with Key Accounts: Announcing our Global Partnership with Folloze

GUEST BLOG SPOTLIGHT: By Steve O’Neil Director at Agent3
with Randy Brasche, VP of Marketing at Folloze

Here at Agent3, we believe ABM is about treating an account as a market of one. Adopting this approach enables you to take a step back and really think about the right campaigns, programs and engagement to target an individual account, using outstanding content at the right time and with the right context.

So far so good, but the challenge comes when you want to scale your ABM program beyond an individual account into a number of accounts. That effort can become diluted and the content you serve up less engaging.

That’s why, today, I’m delighted to announce that Agent3 has forged a global partnership with Folloze, a personalized marketing platform that uses AI to deliver the same personalized, relevant and contextualized information to a particular account, whether that be on an individual or at-scale basis. Thanks to this personalized approach, orchestrated at scale, Folloze can help organizations accelerate time to value for sales teams through rapid deployment of content journeys aligned to target accounts.

Folloze was founded on very similar beliefs to Agent3: we were both looking to flip the script on the traditional B2B sales playbook and change the way people engage with prospects and customers. Agent3 believes successful ABM programs should be founded on the ability to drive insight-powered, custom-built campaigns to develop reputation, build relationships and deliver revenue. And this relies upon the alignment of marketing and sales teams to drive that insight.

The Folloze philosophy on the ABM experience fits perfectly with this.

It’s Account-Based Experience (ABX) personalization platform encourages marketing and sales teams to collaborate on marketing strategy and account-specific content campaigns and this ultimately enables marketing teams to deliver campaigns on behalf of sales with ease. Throughout, we can track engagement levels with a particular piece of content to understand interactions and then, using that data, build content that is ever more relevant and contextual to the audience moving forwards.

According to Randy Brasche, VP of Marketing at Folloze, “Today, every B2B vendor is doubling down on their account-based strategies to fuel growth from both new and existing customers. Yet, in our new reality, vendors face longer and more unpredictable sales cycles, comprised of numerous buyers and influencers. Finally, the global cancelation of physical events has forced marketing teams to reimagine their conferences and events within virtual and digital environments. To succeed in this new reality, every company must take their ABM programs to the next level and drive deeper engagement at every level of the account through content-rich and personalized experiences.”

The announcement of Agent3’s partnership with Folloze is the culmination of all the fantastic work carried out-to-date, collaborating with Folloze and our clients globally to drive account-based experiences and engagement within key and named accounts.

Brasche continued, “The reality is that COVID-19 has accelerated digital transformation initiatives across every enterprise. As part of this shift, B2B marketing is entering a new and exciting era. With ABX, sales and marketing teams are forging tighter alignment as one unified revenue team. Data now incorporates precise insights on buyer intent that will activate sales teams and marketing campaigns and target very specific and receptive audiences. This data-driven engagement will incorporate powerful digital experiences – powered by intelligent content – across every step of the customer journey.”

We are excited about our partnership with Agent3,” concluded Brasche. “We both share a common vision for the changing role of B2B buyers and sellers. By combining our technology, best practices and hands on enterprise experience, Folloze and Agent3 will be able to empower our customers with new and powerful ways to engage their target audiences and deliver strong and predictable growth.”

On September 30, 2020, the Folloze ABX Masterclass program will feature Agent3. To enroll in the free program and participate in the September 30 ‘Office Hours’ session, visit folloze.com/abx and if you’d like to learn more about how Agent3’s partnership with Folloze can support your ABM campaigns please email steve.oneil@agent3.com