The Wow of Folloze

At heart, I’m a product guy. For a while my LinkedIn title was, “Product, with a side of Marketing.” For me, every product has a ton of things it can do — aka, features. But very few features create those special moments that give you pause — Wow moments, where the capabilities simply amaze the user. This is where the line between ROI and magic blurs, and where childlike delight thrives.

Turns out this desire for “Wow” is pretty common. The best product people actually design for it.  If you are in product or are simply interested in reading more check out these articles:

And if you want the Wow of Folloze, start here!


You may be surprised that this is number one on my list, because Identity is something that happens behind the scenes. Like Google image search: Few people understand how the algorithm works, they just drop a picture into image search, and Wow.

Identity is like that. The heart of creating immersive, relevant customer experiences depends on somehow knowing them, without being invasive or making them jump through a ton of hoops to get to know them. (Fill out this 15-field registration form to get our latest infographic!)  Identity allows you to know by campaign, account and person, who is visiting, and serve them up the most relevant experiences.  

Identity also powers analytics. How did my ABM campaign actually perform? Who were the net-new people that visited, and how much time did they spend with my painstakingly personalized content? The Folloze identity model actually can leverage other platforms' information as well. Got a prospect who filled out a Marketo form, or clicked on a Demandbase or 6sense ad? Cool. We know everything about them. We support progressive profiling too!  WOW.

Finally, proper identity technology cannot be a bad actor. That’s a loaded phrase, but in this case it means being compliant with regulations like GDPR/SOC2. It means only using first-party cookies to track visitors, and not reselling cookie (or other!) information to third parties. That’s just good karma.

Embedded Zoom

I bet that even if you are a Folloze customer, you might not know that we have an integration with Zoom — including Zoom Webinar — in the platform. And as of this writing, WE ARE THE ONLY PLATFORM with that integration. Wow.  

Why wow? Two reasons.

In the quest to create engaging experiences, video, especially interactive video is a major get.  Tik-tok is probably the fastest social media platform to go B2C > B2B, which proves that companies understand the power of video media. With Folloze, that video experience can be beautifully branded, including adding other related pieces of content at people’s fingertips. Here’s an example:

The second reason is data. It can be painful to get data from other third-party vendors, which might also have embedded video/webinar, and to my point about identity above, you might not get all the data you want. I’ve seen the workflows firsthand. It’s not pretty. Thanks to Folloze integrations, that obstacle is removed — you can get attendance and engagement data into CRM/MAP, and others!

If you have even a basic Zoom license, it’s worth looking into this feature.

Automagic content management 

Since we are creating engaging experiences for buyers, it didn’t surprise me that maintaining brand and messaging would be part of the Folloze platform. What surprised me was the level of care Folloze takes to make sure that content management is kept intact. Without this, you quickly have a WordPress/rouge website situation, which not only can confuse internal stakeholders, but can also lead the buyer astray.  

Here’s a simple example of how Folloze helps: Imagine you have a great content asset, like a killer demo video. You know it’s a hit with existing customers. Product Marketing wants to update it with the latest features, but how do you make sure it gets updated everywhere? And let everyone know that it’s been changed?

The Folloze Content Center is aware of changes/updates to content, and automatically makes those changes for you.  

Got a strict release process? No problem, Folloze lets you schedule the updates too.

Do I have your attention?

If you are an ABM Practitioner or Growth Marketer, or in Marketing Operations and want to have a nerdy chat with me about marketing, customer journeys and the art of what’s possible, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m all about outcomes, and seeing a buyer who experiences a well-tailored customer journey go from MQL to Pipeline to Closed/Won makes my day.

After all, I’m a B2B Buyer too!