Strap in marketers, volatility is the new norm.

Our transformation to an ABX-driven model happened just in time for the economic excitement of 2022 and 2023. Selling tech in this market has become one of the biggest challenges many of us have faced in the past 15 years. Shrinking budgets and marketing leaders are struggling to meet the rising cost and challenge of growth in this environment. As Folloze CMO, Mary Gilbert, eloquently shares, ““Do less better” has become the rallying cry of marketers today.” and I couldn’t agree more.  

I’m hopeful for 2024, but as our fearless leader, Etai Beck always reminds me, “hope is not a strategy.” Therefore we set out to discuss how B2B marketers can build engagement programs guaranteed to help them win in Q4 and beyond —even when top-of-funnel opportunities are significantly declining, budgets are shrinking, and you’re battling longer sales cycles.

We’re founding our approach on these four beliefs.

  1. Volatility is the new norm and we’re falling in love with it.
  2. Orchestration is key and it must empower.
  3. Engagement is currency and everyone on the team is in service to and benefits, especially your sellers.
  4. Patience is critical.

I was lucky to participate in episode two of the Folloze webinar series Transform to ABX Now, hosted by two female powerhouses from our executive staff; Mary Gilbert, CMO, and Adi Aloni, SVP of Customer Success. My partner-in-crime, Helen O’Brien, Director of Account Development, also made an appearance.

Let’s dive into a couple of these beliefs that my fellow hardworking frontline B2B marketers should know about. Plus, I know you’re tight on time, therefore I’ve packaged snackable content for you to digest throughout. Enjoy!

A unified technology strategy can make or break a buyer experience

That’s why we believe that true B2B buyer engagement starts with Folloze. We connect other solutions with our Folloze B2B buyer experience platform to deliver increased engagement, accelerated pipeline, and higher-value conversions. Shameless plug, but watch this 2 minute clip to hear me out.

Multi-thread like pipeline performance depends on it

Do you know and understand each persona within your buying committee? Partner with sales to identify gaps in your buying committee, divide and conquer contact roles and agree which GTM team will engage, then devise your plan. Helpful suggestions in this 4 minute clip to get you started.

Orchestration must empower GTM teams

It’s time to capitalize on transformation to buyer-led digital strategies that improve experience, outcomes, and ROI. Orchestration can be difficult, but once you launch it’s like “damn, I did that.” In this 5 minute clip I cover workflow automation and how you can simply bring it to life—I promise, you can do it!

Engagement is currency and everyone benefits

The team is in service to and benefits from tracking engagement, especially your sellers. Scorecards measure the impact of a program from leading indicators of engagement rates and content consumption to lagging indicators of pipeline and revenue. We have a great dashboard to get you started, learn more in this video.

As we evolve, transform, and adapt to volatile times, remember we’re in it together. We want to share what our teams and customers are learning during their transformation journeys. Plus, no matter where you are on your ABX journey, we’d love to hear what you’re experiencing. Get in touch with Folloze on LinkedIn.  

P.S. Learn more about the webinar series “Transform to ABX Now”

When the economic landscape becomes a question mark, some marketers see disaster and others see opportunity. The willingness to rise to a challenge is one thing. But being well positioned to seize the moment in today’s chaotic market is another.

The reality is, performance is always possible. Each episode of the Folloze Transform to ABX Now webinar series showcases how market front-runners navigate their transformation to ABX-driven pipeline generation, including our own Folloze story.