Rich Content Creation Capability for the B2B Buyer Experience Era: The Next Generation of Folloze is Here

On what seems like a daily basis, we hear from enterprise CMOs and marketing leaders — and, the questions they’re asking are all the same:

B2B buyers are increasingly behaving like consumers making personal purchases do, so how can we create a more engaging and connected buyer journey? Digital-first, self-guided buying preferences demand a different approach to keep up — what’s the best way to do that? How can we easily (and quickly) develop more relevant content that feels personal, engaging, and exciting to our customers?

Today we’re thrilled (and proud!) to answer all those questions — and address the challenges that underpin them — with the launch of Folloze Buyer Experience Platform 3.0 for B2B marketers. 

With it, we hand marketers a simple, no-code environment to build content-rich, hyper-relevant experiences across any channel to create a B2B buyer journey that’s finally dialed in to the preferences of today’s enterprise clients. That’s especially important at a time when more B2B buyers than ever before want to guide their own journeys,and research shows they’re open to making purchases greater than $500K via online sales channels. And it positions them for a future in which 80 percent of all B2B sales interactions are projected to be through digital-only channels by 2025.

Most importantly, Folloze Buyer Experience Platform 3.0 helps marketers get out from under the constraints of their working environments, like slow digital transformation initiatives, headquarter-centric campaigns, so they can avoid slow growth, and higher costs and churn rates. 

At a glance, the capabilities and benefits of our new favorite platform version are:

  • Experience Designer: You don’t have to be a tech genius to use this! Intuitive, easy and super powerful, this design tool lets any marketer build comprehensive digital destinations across all interaction types, for any stage of the buyer journey.

  • Gallery and Templates: Accelerate campaign creation with tailorable B2B experience templates and a section gallery that goes hand in glove with the Experience Designer.

  • Branding: These tools ensure everything that’s designed is done so according to approved corporate branding guidelines and avoids compliance and inconsistency issues.

  • Content Presentation and Intelligence: Go from boring to bold, from average to audacious, with this flexible content layout framework. Create, optimize and present consumer-driven, content-based experiences in minutes.

  • AI-powered Personalization and Recommendations: Leverage AI to analyze buyer engagement and quickly pivot to boost outcomes at every stage.

  • Behavioral Intelligence Data: Analyze buyer engagement and content consumption so you can harness deep behavioral insights of specific buyers and buying groups across target accounts.

  • Extensibility Framework and Software Development Kit: New features that ensure you can create any custom experience you like (limited only by your imagination).

We can’t wait to show you what this platform can do. Come kick the virtual tires with us and check it out here. And hear why our Co-Founder and CEO Etai Beck is personally thrilled about this launch.