Q3: We’re Running on All Cylinders, But it’s a Whole New Engine

We’ll all remember Q2 2020 as the quarter that looked NOTHING like what we’d intended. Every marketer I’ve spoken with spent it overhauling their plans, rebalancing their priorities, and frantically looking for pipeline opportunities to backfill lost ones. It was mind-boggling but, thank heavens, it’s over. So let’s all raise a glass and say, “goodbye to you, Q2.” The good news is, now that that’s all done, we can dig into Q3 with zeal and a focus on getting things done.

Field events and sales travel will remain off the table of course, begging the question: Without our trusted face-to-face channels, how can companies continue to deliver customer-centricity? How can companies harness the scale of digital channels to deliver relevant and personalized experiences that fuel growth?

I’ve observed that many of my own customers are successfully making the transition. As they plan for the second half of 2020, many are reinventing their entire customer journey through content-rich Account-Based Experience (ABX) strategies. Specifically, ABX is harnessing proven account-based marketing best practices with personalized content and messaging. Today, ABX is helping our customers stand out in the marketplace with deep account engagement, higher campaign conversions, pipeline growth, and expansion.

As well, with the cancelation of physical events, marketing teams have leveraged ABX to pivot and deploy creative virtual events that yield powerful digital experiences for “attendees.” With more event cancelations continuing into 2021, we expect ABX strategies to redefine - in a good way - how companies interact with prospects, customers and partners in virtual environments. This recent webinar lays out a helpful playbook on the topic.

One of our customers, Qlik, is a perfect example of a company thinking hard and creatively about ABM, and deploying a comprehensive ABM motion that leveraged multiple channels, traditional and new. I invite you to check out their recent presentation at the Demandbase ABM Innovation Tour where they shared their digital engagement secrets and explained how they quickly transformed their annual customer event into a virtual environment with rave reviews.

And you can emulate their success, starting right now in Q3. We’re hosting a series of ABX Masterclasses wherein we’ll explain, in detailed bite-sized chunks, exactly how to execute your own successful ABX program. I invite you to join us for this fun and educational series.

So in summary:

  • The time for replanning is over - it’s now time to get back to business. I guarantee your competitors are shifting their focus back on pipeline, so you’d better too.
  • The two most successful strategies today for B2B marketers are digital personalized Account Based Experience and Virtual events - or, even better, a combination of the two.

“Goodbye to you, Q2” indeed. Now it’s time to buckle down and get back to the job we actually love to do, as we say instead, “Q3 hello, it’s time to shine and grow!”