From Browsers to Buyers: Leveraging Advanced Web Personalization to Smash Average Conversion Rates

From Browsers to Buyers: Leveraging Advanced Web Personalization to Smash Average Conversion Rates

Are you struggling to turn website visitors into real opportunities? You're not alone. Many B2B marketers find that their website is a black hole for demand generation and ABX campaigns, with visitors coming and going without taking any action. That’s why there’s a whole category of web personalization tools trying to solve this problem. It’s been 15 years in the making with minimal impact. There’s been a paradigm shift in buying behavior and web teams and their solution providers are trying to solve the problem with limited success. They’re going after a new problem with an outdated approach. 

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If you’re investing time in website personalization using traditional personalization methods, you’re wasting time, money, and missing the point of Account Based Experiences (ABX). 

In the old world of B2B marketing, buyers would come to the website, convert to become a sales opportunity aka MQL, and that was it. End of story. In today’s world, B2B buyers are acting very differently. Less than 20% of their buying journey is spent on the website with the bulk of their time spent elsewhere as they independently research, build their internal requirements, and select their vendor. And this all happens way before they’re willing to make contact with a vendor.  As a result, ABM and Demand Generation are converging faster than ever to solve the issue of the illusive B2B buyer and ensure that their brand is  serving the buyer at every opportunity. 

This new world of ABX takes into account the myriad ways that buyers navigate their processes. Your success depends on being there, in the moment, with an experience that enhances your chances of becoming that preferred vendor. 

Savvy B2B marketers are prioritizing an “allbound” engagement and nurture approach that meets buyers where they are, drives them to the resources they need, and in a way that’s truly personalized to their needs. We’re not talking about superficial personalization like images and text. We’re talking deep content experiences that provide the right level of resources at the right time in their journey. Resources tailored to the way they buy. 

These marketers are scaling ABX by embracing agile tools that make it easy to deliver many more campaigns to a wide variety of segments, personas, and accounts. They’re turning to simpler, more connected tools that make it easy for them to deliver exceptional experiences in the moment and track real intent based on target behavior.  You can’t do that with today’s limited web personalization tools which means your web-centric ABX/ABM strategy is leaving you vulnerable. Chances are, you’re missing out on hundreds of opportunities to gain an edge and win more deals.

You need to make the website a meaningful point of engagement that advances buyers through their digital journey and actually accelerates the pipeline. 

An effective buyer engagement strategy not only acknowledges, but capitalizes on the new buying behavior to deliver relevance for buyers based on not just their industry or persona, but also their buying stage and their indicated needs based on their actual behavior. So why not make their inevitable but infrequent visits to your website a part of that strategy. When your buyers are browsing, serve them a relevant case study, or a content journey that anticipates their downstream discovery needs. Meanwhile, you could be capturing their content consumption behavior to inform a much better experience off the website. When they’re deep in discovery and unlikely to head back to your website, target them with information that supports their requirements gathering and feels connected to the journey they started on your website. When they’re getting close to purchase, make their process feel seamless, connecting them to the right resources and helping them make their internal business case. That’s what they expect and that’s what you can deliver. 

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Individual touchpoints not only don’t move the needle, they create a chaotic environment for your GTM team and your buyer that’s most likely working against you in the long run.

Questions to ask yourself before you invest in website personalization technology. 

If you’re just starting on your journey with website personalization to enhance the performance of your ABX/ABM or demand generation program, ask yourself these critical questions:

  • How will I build and iterate an ABX experience on and off the website? 
  • How will I manage content in a way that allows me to provide value at the right stage in the buyer journey? 
  • How will I track interaction across all my digital touchpoints to truly understand where the buyer is and how to serve them? 
  • How will I address all the ABX touchpoints in my playbook? 
  • What about outbound? Is it worth investing in a standalone website solution if only a small percentage of inbound visits actually trigger personalization? 
  • How will I scale to all of my accounts leveraging AI? 

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Ready to turn your website into a buyer engagement and conversion rate accelerator? 

People form an opinion of a website in less than one second and the average time spent on a page is under one minute. Every second counts. So stop wasting time on incremental experience shifts that only solve a fraction of the problem. The Folloze Website Engager toolkit was designed to help sites come to life, fully serving the needs and wishes of B2B buyers. Built on the platform offering first-party insights,  Folloze Website Engager puts the right content and messaging in place to capture attention and advance customers through their digital journey as efficiently as possible.

With Folloze you can go beyond traditional website personalization and deliver a wide variety of rich experiences in minutes including: smart content journeys, personalized ABX sections, or even full ABX campaign landing pages. 

Create and embed engaging, personalized website sections with Folloze

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If you’re already a customer you know that Folloze makes it easy to scale high personalized experiences from 1:1, 1:few and 1:many efficiently. You also know the impact that meaningful engagement has on your pipeline growth and deal velocity. To learn more, visit Folloze Website Engager Board.