Best Practices for Delivering an Exceptional Virtual Event Experience In a Digital-Only World

As we look ahead to a digital-only world in 2021, how do you execute an account-based experience strategy across your virtual events and fuel growth?

In the wake of COVID-19, every B2B marketing team is reeling from the unprecedented cancellation of global events. Without trusted in-person channels such as conferences and experiential marketing, organizations are pulling a rabbit out of their hat to deliver on their 2020 pipeline revenue commitments. 

As marketing teams look towards a digital-only 2021, how can they replicate in-person engagement within virtual environments? How can they leverage existing ABM and digital personalization strategies to create exceptional experiences that fuel growth? What can folks learn from their 2020 crash-course in virtual events? 

I recently caught up with Stuart Gold, President of GOLD Integrated Marketing. He has managed some of the largest events and conferences in the world, including Domo, Docusign, Silicon Slopes, Responsys, and Omniture, to name a few. 

Having worked with Stuart, I know that he is the master of his craft and focuses on every tiny detail. The past six months have presented a new set of opportunities and challenges for companies as they transform their physical events and drive pipeline growth in an uncertain market. 

According to Stuart, 2020 activated a new marketing muscle, as transforming physical events into virtual environments, requires a fundamentally new approach and thinking out-of-the-box. Folloze plans to harness and share his key learnings and best practices into an educational webcast on July 14. Here is a sneak peek at some of the His learnings and experiences

  • Reinventing your virtual agenda and program with an Account-Based Experience (ABX) strategy: Making an exact digital-virtual photocopy of your physical event is a recipe for disaster -- what performs well in the physical world may not easily replicate in virtual environments. At the same time, everyone is showing symptoms of Zoom overload. How can you create a unique set of experiences before and during the event to boost interest and convey a sense of excitement for go-live day? In the same way, how can you segment and deliver an exceptional experience for your top-tier VIP attendees? 
  • Personalization will accelerate pipeline growth: In the virtual world, “content is king and context is the queen.”   During and after your event, personalized content and messaging will play an elevated role in driving interest, conversions, pipeline, and wins. These digital intent signals fueled by unique content will help you identify the right buyers and in-market prospects. Similarly, will how can marketing teams orchestrate post-event sales motions and accelerate pipeline and push deals over the finish line?
  • Balancing live vs. pre-recorded sessions: Virtual events benefit from recording sessions and minimizing risk on go-live day. That said, delivering live experiences are extremely important to maintain engagement and attendance. What’s the right mix of recorded versus live sessions? 

Reserve your spot today! Please join me on Tuesday, July 14, 2020, for our webcast, where I will explore virtual event best practices with Stuart Gold and help you create a roadmap for your 2021 event schedule. Click here to register and reserve your spot.