Unleashing the Dynamic Duo: 6sense + Folloze for B2B Marketing Superpowers!

Hey there, B2B marketing superheroes (aka marketing teams in the weeds every day and wearing all the hats)! We know you're always on the lookout for powerful tools to level up your marketing game. Well, look no further because we've got an unbeatable combo for you: 6sense + Folloze. In this blog post, we're going to show you how this dynamic duo can revolutionize your B2B marketing efforts. Get ready for some fun, accessible, and easy-to-digest insights and stats that will make you say, "Wow, I need this in my tech stack!"

  1. Unmasking the Power of Intent Data: According to 6sense's 2023 Buyer Experience Report, buyers engage with sellers when they are ready, about 70% through their buying journeys. Mary Gilbert, CMO at Folloze, emphasizes that this is where the integration of 6sense's AI-powered intent and propensity data with Folloze's contextual content and messaging capabilities becomes crucial. By leveraging intent data to deliver personalized experiences, marketers can influence buyers early in their journeys through effective engagement. This allows selling organizations to eliminate competitors and substantially shorten buying cycles. It's like having a secret weapon that helps you win the race before it even begins!
  2. Crafting Epic Buyer Journeys: The 6sense Buyer Experience Report 2023 also reveals that by the time of the first contact, 78% of buyers have mostly or completely established their business requirements. This means that if vendors haven't won buyers over during the first two-thirds of the buying process, they have a mere 16% chance of winning a deal. But fear not, because with the 6sense + Folloze integration, you can architect targeted, engaging buyer journey experiences that captivate your prospects from the very beginning. By personalizing the buyer journey based on intent, buying stage, or channel, you can ensure that your brand is top-of-mind and the first vendor they contact. And as the report shows, the first vendor contacted ultimately wins the business 84% of the time. Talk about a winning strategy!
  3. Lightning-Fast Time to Value: We know you're busy trying to meet every buyer at every stage with just the right experience, so we've made sure that the 6sense + Folloze integration is as quick and easy as can be. Connecting the two platforms takes less than a minute, allowing you to start building better buyer journeys in a flash. No lengthy setup processes or delays here! In fact, companies that have embraced this dynamic duo have reported significant time savings on campaign delivery, resulting in cost savings and improved marketing productivity. It's a win-win situation!
  4. Personalization: The Secret Sauce: In a world where B2B buyers expect personalized experiences, you need a secret sauce to stand out from the crowd. The 6sense + Folloze integration is your secret weapon. By delivering valuable educational and consultative experiences throughout the buyer's journey, you can create a competitive edge and establish yourself as a trusted advisor. Whether it's thought leadership content, one-on-one expert consultations, practitioner communities, or educational events, this integration empowers you to wow your prospects and win their hearts and deals.

Conclusion: B2B marketing superheroes, it's time to unleash the power of 6sense + Folloze and take your marketing efforts to new heights. By leveraging intent data, crafting epic buyer journeys, achieving lightning-fast time to value, and delivering personalized experiences, you'll be unstoppable. As Mary Gilbert, CMO at Folloze, puts it, "This dynamic duo revolutionizes the way we engage with buyers and drives exceptional results." 

So, put on your marketing cape and get ready to save the day with this unbeatable combo. Trust us, your marketing superpowers will never be the same again!

Are you ready to join the B2B marketing superhero league? See Folloze in Action and let 6sense + Folloze be your sidekicks in the quest for marketing greatness.

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