Why the Buyer Experience Matters

In a new era of digital selling, B2B loyalty is up for grabs. Buyers have set a high bar and demand personalized experiences across any channel and the entire customer lifecycle. No exceptions.

B2B buying has changed forever

In a digital-first marketplace, B2B buyers are in control and very comfortable guiding their own discovery and self-guided journeys. We are at the doorstep of a new era in B2B marketing where buyer engagement and digital selling have shifted from sales to marketing teams.

Digital selling is here to stay

The accelerated pace of digital transformation has fundamentally changed B2B buying behavior. Gartner predicts that by 2025, 80% of B2B sales interactions between suppliers and buyers will occur in digital channels. Today buyers want self-service options with 70 percent comfortable making purchases in excess of $50,000 without talking to a sales rep.

Marketers have a new mandate

To meet a digital-first sales reality marketing is taking greater control over the lead-to-revenue cycle, with digital selling shifting from sales to marketing teams.  A recent Folloze and Demand Gen Report Study found that 50 percent of marketers believe that a digital-first marketplace will create hybrid GTM model that elevates marketing as experience architects and journey builders.

Personalization is still the holy grail

Companies that embrace buyer-centricity and personalization emerged from the COVID-19 pandemic unscathed – some even thriving. According to McKinsey, B2B companies that move fast, innovate, and deliver personalized experiences across the entire buyer journey – not just top of the funnel – achieved  between 10-20 percent greater top-line growth.  

The old ways no longer work

To deliver on their new mandate, marketing teams face longstanding execution challenges. Recent research from Folloze and The Demand Gen Report found that only 25 percent of marketers felt they could successfully drive growth — and at scale — across every phase of the buyer journey. Despite the best of intentions, marketers are handicapped by operational and data silos, legacy technology, and a top-of-the-funnel worldview.

The rise of the agile frontline marketer

A digital-first mandate is shining the spotlight on customer-facing – or frontline – marketing teams in the field. These “frontline marketers” know what buyers want and how to translate the sales message better through the right channels, messages, and content across the entire buyer journey We are beginning a new era of B2B marketing that will democratize and empower marketers with the agility, tools, insights, and autonomy to succeed. 

Study Finds Elevated Role for B2B Marketers

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