Lead by Experience

B2B buying has changed forever. And, there’s no going back. As digitally-enabled buyers spend less time with sales reps, marketing teams must step-up and architect experiences across the buyer journey that engage, educate and deliver value.

Give your Buyers the Experience they Deserve

Deliver greater impact and ROI from your account-based programs and tech stack

In a world where B2B customers prefer a personalized experience over price, traditional demand generation and top-of-the-funnel programs generate limited returns. With ABX, marketing and sales teams combine proven account-based best practices with hyper-personalized content and messaging to engage the right buyers at every step of the customer journey. Through this lens, marketing teams are also rationalizing and extending the value of their existing martech stack.

Create content-driven experiences that earn trust and drive revenue

As B2B marketers focus on ABX, content is still king. In fact, content becomes central to building the personalized and deep account experiences and journeys across departments, business units, and individuals. When combined with real-time AI and data-driven insights, companies can leverage their existing content and assets to serve up dynamic new experiences.

Unlock the growth potential of your intent and customer data

Most B2B marketing teams manage an overabundance of customer and third-party intent data yet fail to unlock it true potential. ABX breaks down data silos to personalize every content-powered experience and journey with the right context, relevance and value.

Reimagine your virtual events with compelling digital experiences

With the cancelation of physical events extending into the foreseeable future, B2B marketing teams must rethink their virtual events. With ABX, marketing teams can create compelling and engaging attendee experiences and journeys. When attendees actively engage with the content before, during and after the virtual event, their probability of attending and purchasing increases dramatically.


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