Why the Buyer Experience Matters

As digital-first buyers demand more, marketing teams must step-up and architect experiences across the buyer journey that engages, educates, and delivers value.

B2B buying has changed forever.

In a digital-first marketplace, B2B buyers are in control and very comfortable guiding their own discovery and self-guided journeys. We are at the doorstep of a new era in B2B marketing where buyer engagement and digital selling have shifted from sales to marketing teams.

B2B Buyers Don't Want to Talk to You

Today 87% of B2B tech buyers want self-service options with 70 percent comfortable making purchases in excess of $50,000 without talking to a sales rep. An additional, 27 and 11 percent would spend more than $500,000 and $1M respectively.

Marketers Have A New Mandate

To meet a digital-first sales reality marketing is taking greater control over the lead-to-revenue cycle, with digital selling shifting from sales to marketing teams.

Marketers Still Struggle

Unfortunately, marketing teams continue to struggle as they digitize their go-to-market models and architect personalized buyer journeys at scale. The culprit? Organizational silos, legacy technology, inability to scale, and an old-school mindset firmly rooted in top-of-the-funnel practices.

How do you deliver the ideal buyer experience?

Deliver an interactive experience that supports discovery, education, and engagement.

Leverage data and intelligence content to optimize the entire journey for the buying team.

Create value, while building a buyer relationship of transparency and trust.

Support a connected, adaptive, and collaborative process for buying team and vendor.

Empower frontline marketers with the tools to execute with agility, speed and ease.

Provide buyers with self-service options to support their own discovery process.

Buyer-centricity delivers results and growth

4x Greater Account-Engagement

10X Greater Pipeline Growth

5x Increase in Customer Lifetime Value

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