Folloze for Channel Marketing

Create joint campaigns with your channel partners that engages and drives growth

Offer a powerful partner resource center

Like buyers, partners today are intensely self-served and want to do their own research – make that easy and you’ll stay top of mind, boost their knowledge and increase their success with your products. Instead of the traditional approach of dropping content in a folder or forcing partners to ask every time they need something, Folloze lets you build a highly engaging, dynamic partner resource center that is SSO-secured, automatically personalized to each partner, provides exactly the content they need, and is logically structured for simple perusing and research. Moreover, you can use the resource center to launch partner education “campaigns,” and to deeply understand and improve what content partners are engaging with, number and duration of content views, forwarding or sharing, etc.

Embed your own page - that you manage - within your partners’ websites

Instead of sending content to partners periodically and hoping they’ll keep your page on their website current, Folloze lets you build a partner page that your partner can easily embed right on their own website. You control your branded content across all partner websites. And each partner gets their own links so you enjoy deeper partner-specific insights that measure their customers’ serious interest in your offerings, such as number and duration of content views, forwarding or sharing, call-to-action executions, which ones they share with colleagues – all for each and every asset their customers engage with throughout their entire journey.

Co-market with partners via sophisticated orchestration plays

Folloze is the only marketing platform that can have a “leg in two places.” You and partners can work in parallel and in partnership – from entirely different organizations – on one coordinated campaign. And since it is a truly joint campaign, it encourages joint promotion and customer engagement. With Folloze, you and partners together launch sophisticated, personalized journeys that let audiences choose what content interests them – no more guessing what they’ll like. Joint partner campaigns and programs powered by Folloze are far more engaging and improve Call-to-Action success, meaning higher conversions and warmer pipeline.

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