Why Always-On Account Portals Are Key to Maximizing Your ABM and Demand Gen Campaign Results

Utilizing personalized, always-on account portals is a powerful way to maximize the results of your account-based marketing efforts.

You can think of an always-on account portal as a company-specific microsite that never stops working. Your approach to this portal will vary depending upon its use case. In fact, that’s one of its strengths. 

Always-on account portals help customize your digital marketing efforts based on where potential buyers or customers are in the buying journey. When your efforts deliver potential customers to your website, content appears dynamically that aligns with customer interests based on their past behavior.

As such, these account portals are never static. By gathering data at every touchpoint, marketers can automate marketing campaigns and personalize them at scale by leveraging first-party engagement data and data from other customer data platforms (CDPs).

This data is used by marketing experts to develop demand marketing campaigns designed to inform potential customers about products and services and get them interested enough to engage further. This includes everything from search engine optimization (SEO), to driving website traffic, to delivering personalized content that creates high demand to prospects through the buyer journey.

Account Based Marketing

While on-demand marketing can be applied to any potential or current customers, account-based marketing (ABM) is a particularly effective strategy because it concentrates marketing functions on specific target accounts within a particular market.

Rather than using a broad outreach approach, ABM enables you to identify target buyers within specific companies that fit your ideal customer profiles. This allows you to deliver on-demand content that is specific to the company and individual. It’s one of the reasons why ABM works so well and why it’s one of the most in-demand B2B marketing skills.

ABM uses several marketing tools, such as blog posts, email marketing, social media, and targeted advertising — all customized to the specific attributes and needs of the target account.

ABM Greenfield Opportunities

ABM greenfield opportunities provide personalized content and assets that are aligned with the brand awareness and consideration phases of the buyer's journey. Marketing efforts focus on new target audiences that haven’t done business with you before as part of your lead generation and demand generation.

By targeting specific buyers and buyer groups as potential new customers with brand marketing, you can deliver customized content marketing and dynamic website content to put them into your sales funnel and begin the nurturing process.

ABM Nurturing Opportunities

ABM kicks into high gear once someone becomes a lead. By regularly delivering valuable content as part of your marketing program, the marketing and sales teams can align to produce a customized approach to nurturing leads and driving them through the sales funnel.

By delivering the right content to the right person at the right time, you can turn marketing qualified leads (MQLs) into sales qualified leads (SQLs) where they can then be turned over to the sales team for conversion.

ABM Expansion Opportunities

ABM expansion opportunities target net new buyer groups inside an existing customer account. This focuses on the expansion and advocacy phases of the buyer's journey. This can be the most difficult to achieve because it requires that you have customers who are so happy with your products or services that they become advocates for your brand.

The payoffs can be significant, however. Once customers become advocates, they leave positive reviews, provide referrals, and can become a source of new leads.

Building a Better Buyer Journey

An always-on account portal can help drive the highest demand. By directing potential customers to micro-sites, partner portals, or deal rooms, you can tailor the focus of the messaging and content they see. Depending on their interests, previous engagement, and where they are in the buying journey, content is dynamically displayed.

This lets you build a connected, relevant, and personalized buyer journey based on your customers' data. Combining firmographics, buying stage, and intent, you can create memorable experiences designed specifically for every buyer.

Custom Microsites and Landing Pages

If that sounds like a great idea, but it also sounds complicated, it doesn’t have to be. It all comes down to selecting the right martech stack with the right integrations. For example, Folloze Boards empower B2B marketers to quickly build content-rich destinations and campaigns that deliver higher levels of engagement. You can easily grab content from your existing library and create a more relevant buyer experience — building customized content, personalized microsites, and landing pages without any coding.

Behavioral intelligence and analytics then measure how accounts (and individuals within the account) are responding to your content, so you can target even more effectively.

1:1 Account Engagement

This creates an impactful 1:1 engagement with potential customers. Marketing teams can create these microsites and campaigns quickly, which are customized to particular buyer personas. When a demand-generation campaign is initiated, it is further personalized for the account prospect.

When a potential customer sees your microsite, it appears as if you’ve created this content specifically for them. In essence, you have. However, using the right buyer experience platform means you will not have to spend hours customizing and personalizing the content.

Think of it like a landing page on steroids, designed to ramp up demand.

How successful is this approach? Digital marketers see as much as 10X engagement for their digital campaigns using this on-demand, always-on account strategy.

With Folloze, you also get deep insights into your target customers’ interests. You can track just about everything involved in your campaign, such as the number and duration of content views, conversions from your calls to action (CTAs), whether they forwarded or shared content, and more. This lets your demand gen team know exactly what’s happening to determine when it’s the right time for the sales team to engage.

Combining ABM strategies with always-on portals produces more effective demand creation.

Effective Demand Creation

To maximize your demand creation and accelerate the buyer’s journey, there are several key steps you need to take. Mastering the fundamentals of demand generation will provide the foundation for success.

Know Your Accounts

The better you know your accounts, the better you can customize your marketing approach. Understanding their pain points, challenges, and motivations is crucial to success. Although you may start with a broad-based approach, today’s marketing automation tools can help you refine your strategy as prospects begin to engage with your content.

The Nurturing Process

While you want to generate leads, it’s the nurturing process that builds demand. Conversions rely on building and nurturing your relationship with prospects. Fortunately, marketing automation allows you to nurture prospects with relevant, personalized content at scale.

By delivering content that communicates empathy with their problems and pain, provides relevant and educational information about their unique situation, and delivers customized solutions, you can enhance your relationship and drive customers through the buying process.

Marketing is noisy today and the landscape is a crowded one. There’s so much content floating around out there that it takes a greater effort and a superior approach to stand out. The key is creating a personalized journey that talks specifically to your target customers’ needs rather than broadly targeting an industry or sector. This helps create more value for the customer and separates you from your competition.

Measure, Evaluate, Refine

You should always be measuring and analyzing the results of your marketing efforts to determine what works best. While automation can deliver the best-fit content for specific accounts, you will also want to track whether the content is achieving the goal of moving them through the sales funnel.

Marketing automation can also help here by A/B testing just about anything regarding your marketing campaigns, from titles to copy, to colors and CTA buttons. This allows you to constantly refine and improve the performance of your marketing.

Optimizing the Buyer Experience

All of this lets you optimize the buyer experience by creating highly engaging content destinations. It helps build sales pipelines, increase closing rates, and drive more revenue.

End-to-end intelligent sales orchestration lets you take control of the entire sales cycle by transforming marketing playbooks with personalized and micro-targeted experiences.

Target and Personalize

Folloze identifies and prioritizes high-value accounts. Using insights about high-propensity prospects, marketers and sellers can engage potential customers with highly specific content, offers, and information.

More than just delivering an email or specific piece of content, this information can be used to set in motion account-specific campaigns designed to drive and nurture prospects throughout the entire buyer’s journey.

Measure and Monetize

To move buyers forward, you need engagement. With the Folloze Account Engagement Dashboard, you get powerful visualizations to let you measure the impact (and ROI) of your ABM program. You can quickly see which prospects are engaging with what content for both inbound and outbound marketing campaigns. This allows you to take the next step. Folloze also uses its powerful analytics to recommend the next step designed to increase demand.

Close the Loop

As marketing teams deliver a highly targeted and customized campaign to target accounts, Folloze closes the loop by translating engagement into actions that drive pipeline and revenue.

This creates a guided sales process that can save hours. Folloze uses all of the data to create recommended campaign orchestration, account insights, and intelligent content recommendations. This makes the creation of personalized, always-on account portals easier.

If you’d like to learn more about how Folloze can help you create on-demand marketing with always-on account portals, intelligence-based sales orchestration, and an ABM strategy that delivers results, let us show you how we can drive greater demand to close more deals and generate more revenue.

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