Reimagine Your ABM in 2021: Folloze Launches Account Insights, Targeting and Sales Orchestration

New capabilities connect marketing-led engagement programs to sellers and translates account engagement into real pipeline and revenue

The challenges of the past year have underscored the need for revenue teams to continuously drive executional excellence across their ABM, digital and demand generation, virtual events and channel programs. As we approach 2021 and plan for growth in an uncertain marketplace, sales and marketing teams have very little margins for error. The foundational concepts for this success are:

  1. Commit to a customer-centric approach and design buyer journeys that deliver high value to customers
  2. Personalize every customer touchpoint, throughout their journey
  3. Adopt a closed-loop process to ensure that sales can capitalize and translate marketing-led programs into pipeline and revenue.

Today Folloze is excited to announce powerful new capabilities to its B2B Personalized Marketing Platform including Account Insights, Targeting and Sales Orchestration. Collectively, these new capabilities boost the effectiveness and revenue outcomes of marketing-led account-based programs. Most importantly, today’s news closes a significant execution gap across revenue teams by connecting marketing-led programs with sales-delivered pipeline and bookings

Account-Engagement Dashboard and Insights

Today’s B2B buyers are both complex and dynamic. The new rules of our digital-only marketplace have exacerbated this challenge. To succeed, revenue teams require a real-time understanding the changing needs across your key accounts, buying centers and decision makers.

The Account-Engagement Dashboard incorporates deep analytics that aggregates engagement activities by account and contact across all touchpoints. Teams can visualize engagement across accounts, contacts, and segments to support account planning, campaign design, and day-to-day decision making. These insights were designed to be the first-of-its kind to enable both marketers and sellers to analyze their account engagement insights (such as topics of interest) and measure the impact and ROI of their account-based marketing programs.

Targeting Dashboard

Folloze empowers sellers with a top target account list and opportunity breakdown by product/solution/program based on predictive models. Additional information provides recommendations and guides execution against target accounts with dynamic insights into changing customer needs.

Intelligent Sales Orchestration

When incorporated with the Folloze B2B Personalized Marketing Platform, marketing teams can create a powerful ‘Closed loop’ process that includes targeting, activation, personalization and insights. Orchestrated by marketing, this end-to-end process will deliver the micro-targeted campaigns across target accounts. Folloze will then close the loop with the right actions for sellers to book the revenue from their pipeline opportunities. Let’s harness these new capabilities into our four-step, closed-loop process.

  1. Target: Eliminate guesswork for sellers with an easy-to-understand opportunity breakdown, recommended actions and quick-launch campaign capabilities.
  2. Activate: Initiate sales and marketing motions with rule-based campaign orchestration, intelligent content, guided recommendations and more.
  3. Personalize: Deliver the right content at the right time with auto-personalization of content, messaging, images, and more.
  4. Gain Insights: Measure the aggregated impact across all account engagement activities (inbound + outbound motions) with actionable recommendations

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