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Event Recap: Experience Matters - Watch the High-Impact Buyer Journeys Session On-Demand

In a market where competition for budget is fierce, revenue teams are under significant pressure to meet their goals and optimize resources. Brands that excel in crafting tailored outreach and deeply engaging experiences are those that consistently surpass their targets and outpace their competition.

At the 2022 6sense Breakthrough event, we explored the powerful synergy between data-driven strategies and exemplary customer experiences under the theme "Confidence in Data + Excellence in Experience = Results in Revenue." This session, now available on-demand, offers a deep dive into how integrating precise data with customized engagement can yield remarkable revenue outcomes.

Explore the Recorded Session: "Experience Matters: Delivering High-Impact Buyer Journeys That Drive Growth"

The discussion was led by Folloze CMO, Mary Gilbert, featuring insights from Robin Rottinghaus, Senior ABM Manager at Abnormal Security, and Tyler Pleiss, Senior Marketing Manager of ABM at Clari. The panel explored how their organizations leverage the integration of 6sense Revenue AI with the Folloze Buyer Experience Platform to create targeted, engaging buyer journeys that not only meet but exceed customer expectations.

During the session, panelists shared their experiences and strategies for utilizing 6sense’s in-market account identification, buyer journey orchestration, and predictive intelligence capabilities. They discussed how Folloze harnesses this rich data to quickly deploy superior experience destinations that are tailored to the customer and appropriate for their stage in the buyer's journey.

Key Takeaways and On-Demand Viewing

Tune in to the session recording to learn how these teams personalize each Folloze experience based on detailed audience segment data provided by 6sense Revenue AI, covering aspects such as firmographics, predictive, intent, competitors, buying stages, keywords, and more. The discussion also highlighted the benefits of capturing in-depth engagement activity from Folloze as target accounts and contacts interact with boards. This data is then utilized by the 6sense platform to enhance intent signals and recommendations, helping revenue teams focus on their most impactful areas.

Watch the session on-demand here and see firsthand how the combined power of 6sense and Folloze gives you a competitive edge, enhancing your potential to drive more revenue in today's challenging market.

Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights into building and executing effective ABM strategies that are both scalable and personalized. Whether you're looking to refine your approach or seeking new methods to amplify your revenue, this session offers essential strategies and expert advice to guide you in navigating the complexities of today's B2B marketing landscape.