Learn the winning formula for getting the most out of your investment in ABM:

Confidence in Data + Excellence in Experience = Results in Revenue.

With fierce competition for budget, revenue teams are feeling the pressure to meet their goals and do more with less. Brands that offer tailored outreach and deeply engaging experiences are the ones that hit their goals and beat the competition.

ABM platforms like 6sense provide a best-in-class solution for identifying in-market accounts, buyer journey orchestration, and predictive intelligence. Folloze is able to take advantage of the data supplied by 6sense and quickly deploy best-in-class experience destinations that are tailored to the customer and make sense for where they are in the buyer's journey. 

Join us at 6sense Breakthrough to take a deep dive into the formula for success. You’ll discover the power of using data to build targeted experiences that reach and convert buyers. 

“Experience Matters: Delivering High-Impact Buyer Journeys That Drive Growth” features a panel of leading B2B marketers that are capitalizing on the integration of 6sense Revenue AI and the Folloze Buyer Experience Platform. The session showcases the impact of bringing customer insights to life through personalized and engaging journeys. 

See How It’s Done

Folloze CMO Mary Gilbert will lead the conversation with Robin Rottinghaus, Senior ABM Manager for leading security platform provider Abnormal Security, and Tyler Pleiss, Senior Marketing Manager of ABM for revenue platform leader Clari, to unpack how they’re leveraging the powerful combination of 6Sense data and Folloze drive significant impact to the business.

Get the details on how their teams personalize each Folloze experience according to key audience segment data provided by 6sense Revenue AI, including firmographics, predictive, intent, competitors, buying stages, keywords, and more. 

We’ll also discuss the benefits of capturing in-depth engagement activity from Folloze as target accounts and contacts interact with boards, and how the 6sense platform leverages those engagement insights to enhance intent signals and recommendations, and help revenue teams stay focused on their biggest areas of impact. 

Join us to discover how 6sense and Folloze give you a competitive edge, and increase your potential to drive more revenue in a challenging market.

Follow this link to save your spot, and get more information on what we’ll be doing at 6sense Breakthrough. And stop by and see us anytime during the show to learn more about Folloze Buyer Experience Platform 3.0!