Introducing ‘The Folloze Personalization Blueprint’

Your Guide to Architecting Success Across Every Phase of the Customer Life Cycle

Over the past few years, B2B marketing has dramatically changed. To help marketers and go-to-market teams make sense and adapt to these changes, we created the Folloze Personalized Marketing Blueprint -- a practical guide to navigating a changing B2B landscape. Before we jump into the Blueprint, let’s quickly recap some of the significant trends and marketplace shifts. 

Marketing’s Expanded Mandate Shines the Spotlight on Personalization

Ask any B2B marketer what keeps them up at night, and they will cite the fact that many well-informed decision-makers and buying centers are wreaking havoc on their marketing plans. Since these buyers are now firmly in control of the buying process, a typical sales cycle is long, unpredictable, and non-linear.  

B2B marketing teams have adapted to these new realities by implementing Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategies that focus on resources and marketing programs on a specific set of accounts. Given the unpredictable nature of the buyer’s journey, marketing teams have expanded their mandate and scope from top-of-the-funnel demand generation programs to now architecting success across each step of the entire customer life cycle. Why? The full customer life cycle is long and complicated, requiring deep knowledge of the customer. 

As marketers set their sights on the entire customer life cycle, personalization and contextual experiences have now emerged as the new table stakes for any B2B marketing program. Unfortunately, most marketers struggle to extend their skill sets beyond the top-of-the-funnel. In the same way, many of the tools and technologies that served us well for a demand generation model of yesteryear have diminished utility across the entire customer life cycle. 

Introducing the Folloze Personalized Marketing Blueprint

To help marketers as they embark on this new era of B2B marketing, we created the Folloze Personalized Marketing Blueprint. Over the past 4+ years of working closely with hundreds of marketers, we have seen firsthand many recurring challenges and opportunities. Through this process, we uncovered innovative ways in which marketers are leading their teams, often using Folloze in the process. We processed all those learnings and consolidated them into this practical 65+ page framework. 

The Blueprint incorporates practical tips and best practices that you can use today to build personalized experiences and achieve your business goals across each of the four phases of the customer life cycle -- or as we call `Engagement Plays.’ 

  • Attract – Create awareness and thought leadership, and begin a dialogue with prospective buyers
  • Engage – Build a strong pipeline with meaningful opportunities.
  • Accelerate – Remove friction and accelerate pipeline and conversion
  • Expand – Renew and expand existing accounts through cross-sell and up-sell.

Across each Engagement Play, the Blueprint articulates five key building blocks for executing on the Blueprint. They include: 

  • Identifying business goals
  • Determining the key revenue players to involve
  • Suggested engagement tactics
  • The timing of motions and engagement tactics
  • Defining the various data requirements for successful execution and measurement

Finally, the Blueprint features multiple use cases and success results from Folloze customers like Autodesk, Cisco, and Microsoft. 

Without question, the Personalized Marketing Blueprint is the new “must-read” guide for Go-to-Market professionals that want to deliver personalized experiences and bolster their revenue marketing programs. We hope this guide both inspires and empowers your teams. Enjoy! 

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