Personalization 101

Personalization 101

Personalization helps you provide more meaningful experiences. It is a critical piece of digital buyer journeys because it activates and engages your target customers.

*A short step-by-step video guide outlining how to apply personalization rules.

A few personalization rules can make an impact, but investing in a scalable personalization strategy for the long term will make your team more effective and can take your prospects through relevant and memorable buyer journeys.

Folloze’s identity model is built to support personalization for both inbound and outbound motions.

You can create sets of rules based on many variables such as account domain, industry, or even your prospect’s job title. Folloze has integrations with top ABM data intelligence platforms; 6sense, Demandbase, and Dun and Bradstreet which all enhance personalization and help you get even more value from your data.

Below, we’ve outlined three levels of personalization strategy. Take a look and start making personalization part of your board-building process!

Just getting started? Start by implementing a few personalization rules on one of your boards.

Walk with personalization:

  • Implement secondary logo personalization

The most common personalization rules we see are some of the simplest. For example, secondary logo personalization. That is; personalizing the header of your board with your top accounts' logo (example shown below).

*A Folloze header personalized for our partner 6sense.

For inbound campaigns (or those with a wide range of accounts landing on one board) we released the Dynamic Logo feature to help simplify the process even more. Toggle on Dynamic Logos for a fast, low-effort value add! Here’s how.

  • Select relevant banner images
  • Add a merge tag to your banner text

What are your top three target industries? Build a few rules that cater specifically to them. For example, personalize your banner image so it becomes relevant to prospects from one of those industries. If the image showcases the value your brand provides to their industry even better!

Personalizing for specific verticals can give your campaigns the customization needed to land more accounts within your ICP.

Comfortable with the basics and ready to get creative? Once you’ve built a good foundation for your preferred verticals you can add more personalization to deliver value to your top accounts and personas.

Jog with personalization:

  • Continue personalizing your header and banner
  • Customize messaging and calls to action (CTAs)

Personalizing CTAs can go a long way to engaging your top accounts. But, adjustments to your message should be meaningful. For example; you could share Account Executive (AE) contact information directly with decision-makers only. To remain scalable, you can direct everyone else to a short form on the same board. This example is shown below in a short screen-recording.

*A short screen-recording of a Folloze 'Meet the Team' section personalized to give executives direct access to AE contact information while everyone else can submit a short form.

  • Invest in content journeys

Content curation is crucial to creating engaging content journeys. Try adjusting a leading item so that it is relevant to the prospect's industry or title. As you provide more value through relevant content, make sure you still have a well-designed default board design for any prospects that don’t fit within a specific personalization rule group. You can also personalize via content categories by organizing content into categories to use with specific rules. For example, you could create a content category that appears only for certain industries or for accounts.

Ready to strategize and implement personalization across boards to reach your goals? Get closer to true ABM. Once you’re familiar with personalization, you can focus on implementing your strategy to build relevant, scalable buyer journeys with Folloze.

Run with personalization:

  • Custom or 1-1 content

Get a bit more granular… If you have the resources, create custom content for your top accounts. What is special about them? How do they place themselves in their own vertical, or if you're targeting a team, how are they placed within their company? Speak to what makes them unique and how you support them specifically. If custom content is not an option, consider specializations or niche segments that apply to your ICPs and can be reused.

  • Add value to any section

Remember, any section can be personalized. Focus on building rules that provide value or reinforce relevance to your prospects. Testimonial and Logo Sections can be personalized to feature companies in their sector and industry. Single Video or Single Item sections can feature custom or niche content. You can even build out content categories and content sections to curate content throughout buyer journeys on the same board.

Enable your buyers. Get them the right content at the right time.

Consider where your prospects are in their buyer journey and cater to the questions they have at each stage. For example, build personalization rules that adjust based on where an account is in the funnel. Those at top of funnel may be casually researching, looking for a solution to a problem. While those near the bottom of the funnel may be exhausted by the process and are looking for reasons to go forward with your product or offering.

Although hyper-personalization (prospect level) is available, keep the 80/20 rule in mind. You can remain scalable while getting results.

  • What about A/B testing?

A/B testing is quick to implement via personalization but you will find that it works best in inbound or high volume scenarios. For inbound or demand generation use cases, A/B testing can help you make data informed adjustments to board content and design.

However, ABM's targeted approach relies on a smaller pool of more valuable accounts which can negate the statistical relevance of A/B testing. A/B testing isn’t critical to success but extracting insights from engagement and quickly iterating to constantly optimize your approach based on those insights is essential to ABM.

Wrapping up:

Building a strong personalization strategy helps differentiate your brand from clutter online. Folloze partners with top ABM data intelligence platforms so you can get even more value from your data. This collaboration ensures that your personalization rules will positively impact both your outbound and inbound campaigns.

Reach out to your Customer Success Manager to schedule strategy sessions or get more resources so you can meet your goals with Folloze.

Additional Personalization Resources:

Our team has been busy releasing helpful new features to the platform! Below are just a few highlights from the last month.

Copy Personalization

Once you’ve built out some personalization rule sets, you can copy them into another section of the same type - even across boards! This saves you tons of time building rules. For example, if you are targeting 7 industries, you can copy those industry rules between sections and even boards that you decide to personalize.

Here’s how.