Mastering Agility in ABM: Insights from Folloze’s CMO Mary Gilbert

Mastering Agility in ABM: Insights from Folloze’s CMO Mary Gilbert

The B2B marketing landscape is constantly evolving, and Account-Based Marketing (ABM) has emerged as a powerful strategy for driving revenue growth. In a recent Sunny Side Up podcast episode from our ABM partner, Demandbase, Mary Gilbert, CMO at Folloze, shared her expertise on navigating the new marketing landscape and discussed the importance of agility in ABM strategies. In this blog post, we'll delve into the key insights from Mary's discussion and explore how Folloze is helping marketers master agility in ABM.

Agility as a Key Driver for Modern CMOs

Mary Gilbert emphasized the increasing importance of agility for CMOs in today's rapidly changing market. With digital transformations and evolving customer expectations, CMOs need to adapt quickly to stay ahead. Mary shared examples of how agility can be applied within ABM strategies, enabling marketers to pivot and respond to market dynamics effectively.

The New Currency of Marketing: Engagement

According to Mary, engagement has become the new currency of pipeline momentum. Building meaningful connections and fostering engagement throughout the buyer's journey is crucial for driving revenue growth. Mary provided practical tips on how marketers can foster and measure engagement across their go-to-market teams, emphasizing the need for personalized experiences that resonate with buyers.

Shifting from Traditional to ABM-Enhanced Strategies

Traditional demand generation methods are losing momentum in today's landscape. Mary highlighted the shift from relying solely on Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) to focusing on deeper, value-added engagements with potential buyers. ABM-enhanced strategies allow marketers to deliver personalized experiences and build stronger relationships with target accounts.

Leveraging Intent Data for Personalized Engagement

Integrating third-party and first-party intent signals provides valuable insights for creating personalized experiences. Mary discussed how marketers can leverage these insights to engage buyers at different stages of their journey. By understanding buyer behavior and preferences, marketers can deliver tailored content and experiences that resonate with their target accounts.

Overcoming Common Challenges with Intent Data

Integrating intent data into ABM strategies can come with its own set of challenges. Mary shared insights on common hurdles companies face and strategies to overcome them. She emphasized the importance of a unified data platform that provides all team members with access to the same insights, enabling seamless collaboration and alignment.

The Rise of ABM-Driven Demand Generation

ABM-driven demand generation is gaining popularity among CMOs as a means to not only survive but thrive in the current market space. Mary discussed the benefits of this model, including increased personalization, scalability, and improved buyer alignment. By adopting an ABM-driven approach, marketers can create more meaningful connections and drive ongoing revenue and success.

Designing an Organization for Effective ABM Execution

Organizational design plays a crucial role in effective ABM execution. Mary shared her perspective on finding the right balance between centralization and decentralization within marketing teams. Empowering frontline marketers while maintaining brand integrity is essential for delivering personalized experiences and driving buyer relevance.

From Strategic Emails to Holistic Engagement

To succeed in ABM, revenue teams need to transition from traditional outreach methods, such as email-based campaigns, to holistic engagement approaches. Mary provided strategies and steps for revenue teams to implement these approaches effectively. By focusing on value creation and personalized interactions, marketers can build stronger relationships with prospects and drive better outcomes.

Mastering agility in ABM is essential for marketers looking to thrive in today's competitive B2B landscape. By embracing personalized engagement, leveraging intent data, and adopting an ABM-driven approach, marketers can create meaningful connections and drive revenue growth. Folloze is at the forefront of helping marketers navigate these challenges and achieve ABM success. To learn more, listen to the full podcast episode featuring Mary Gilbert and explore how Folloze can transform your marketing efforts.

Ready to master agility in ABM? Listen to Demandbase’s Sunny Side Up full podcast episode featuring Mary Gilbert for more insights and strategies. 

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