6 Ways Folloze Helps Drive B2B Customer Engagement

B2B buyers today are more informed and digitally savvy than ever before. There’s so much information available online across a wide range of sources, 80% of the buyer’s journey is now handled digitally. Sellers have lost control over the buying journey.

Yet many B2B companies have struggled to shift to the new way of engaging with customers. This demands a different way of thinking. Rather than a product-oriented marketing focus, B2B sellers today need to drive B2B customer engagement with a journey-centric approach. They need to personalize content and do it at scale.

It can be challenging. According to a study done by Folloze in partnership with The Demand Gen Report, here are the top three challenges marketers say they face today:

  • Buyer Experience: understanding B2B buyers' changing needs and business requirements
  • Buyer Engagement: engaging with buyers at the right time in the customer journey in the right channel
  • Personalization: creating personalized messaging, content, and campaigns

To meet these challenges head-on, you need to empower your frontline marketers with the tools and automation they need to create seamless personalized campaigns easily.

Marketing in the New Era of B2B Buying and Selling

Folloze was built to empower B2B sales and marketing teams with the tools they need to work together and deliver B2B account based marketing solutions to fuel growth.

Here are just some of the ways Folloze can help you build personalized marketing campaigns to improve B2B demand generation, qualified leads, and sustainable revenue.

1. Account Based Marketing Execution

With Folloze, you can orchestrate campaigns for a holistic approach. Our ABM platform allows you to create campaigns and microsite easily and quickly. Our AI-enhanced algorithms launch the right campaign at the right time in the buyer's journey, while automation personalizes the messaging to deliver a perceived one-on-one engagement with prospects.

ABM solutions significantly improve engagement. Our B2B marketing platform tracks interactions at the macro and micro levels so you can continuously optimize performance during the nurturing cycle and determine how, when, and where sales teams should engage.

2. Channel Marketing

Folloze allows you to build joint campaigns with your channel partners. By embedding your own page within partner websites, you maintain control over the marketing message across different channels. This lets you update and refresh content at any time.

Instead of hoping your partners will feature the material you want, Folloze lets you build an engaging and dynamic partner resource center that is secure and automatically personalized to each partner with the content they need.

3. B2B Demand Generation

You can significantly improve your demand generation. Many of our users improve engagement by 10X by automating their digital campaigns.

Sales and marketing teams can launch sophisticated, personalized journey that puts the customer in control. You no longer must guess what a prospect likes or hope they are interested in your solutions. Your prospects choose the content that interests them and your nurturing process can automatically adapt campaign progress to drive them towards conversions.

4. Live Events

Folloze can help you market your live events from start to finish. We make it simple to create memorable and unique experiences, personalized to event invitees. Send personalized invitations, agendas, papers, highlights, teasers all with dynamic personalization.

During events, you can launch a real-time personalized experience within your event. Forget print collateral you can’t track or media kits that get tossed. You get feedback on every action to better serve attendees.

When the event is over, you can maximize your ROI by bundling key moments, videos, demos, pictures, and videos – all personalized to each attendee.

5. Sales Orchestration

Driving B2B demand generation and high-quality leads today requires a different level of collaboration between marketing and sales. Because B2B buyers are in control, it’s essential to deliver an end-to-end process that produces personalized campaigns and real-time insights.

Folloze provides end-to-end intelligent sales orchestration throughout the entire buyer's journey.

  1. Target
  2. Activate
  3. Personalize
  4. Gain Insights

This process provides ABM solutions that create demand, engagement, and conversions. In execution, the process never ends. When prospects are targeted with personalized content, B2B sellers get data to show what’s working. This insight allows you to better target your next set of content as part of the nurturing prospects to drive B2B buyers to the next stage in the buyer’s journey. And then it starts over again.

Folloze provides recommended campaign orchestration, intelligent content recommendations, and account insights so you can deliver the right content at the right time. Drawing on engagement, behavior, and other ABM solutions, Folloze automatically personalized content, copy, and images for nurturing campaigns.

6. Harnessing Intent

We’ve partnered with 6sense to identify target accounts in real-time and provide dynamic, personalized buyer journeys based on intent.

6sense helps identify buyers that are in what’s called the dark funnel. These B2B buyers are lurking out there unknown by you but showing intent signals that they should be included in your funnel. AI-driven predictive models help uncover marketing leads and drive them into your ABM platform for even more targeted and personalized campaigns.

Think of it as proactive prospecting as part of your B2Bdemand generation.

Delivering the Ideal Buyer Experience

With Folloze, you can deliver the ideal buyer experience from start to finish.

  • Deliver an interactive and personalized experience that produces engagement, education, and awareness.
  • Leverage the power of data, automation, and intelligent orchestration to optimize the entire buyer journey
  • Create value, build relationships with B2B buyers, and gain trust
  • Create a seamless, connected, adaptive, and collaborative process for buying teams and vendors
  • Empower your frontline marketers with the tools they need to execute sophisticated, personalized marketing campaigns quickly, easily, and at scale
  • Provide buyers with a self-service option to further support the discovery process.

Using Folloze ABM solutions and marketing automation, you can create a truly buyer-centric marketing approach that delivers results.

  • Four times greater account engagement
  • 10 times greater pipeline growth
  • Five times greater customer lifetime value (CLV)

If you are not fully embracing the power of account based marketing execution, personalized content, and marketing automation, you’re missing out. Folloze delivers unique and personalized content at scale.

Contact Folloze today to request a demo and let us show you how we can drive growth across the entire customer lifecycle.