Folloze is the Easiest and Most Powerful Buyer Experience Platform

Create highly engaging content destinations across the B2B buyer journey in minutes to build pipeline, increase close rates, and drive revenue.

Recognize and Target

Account and Contact ID service and high propensity breakdown

Folloze target eliminates guesswork for sellers with an easy-to-understand opportunity breakdown, recommended actions and quick-launch campaign capabilities. We pull account data in real-time, using 1st & 3rd party data services and AI, and based upon personalization links, cookies, identity matching and IP matching so you have the right information at the right time.


1st & 3rd party data services and AI

A data framework designed to deliver rich multidimensional account context (firmographic, business context, intent) from a variety of built-in and third-party sources. This provides the foundation for Intelligent content nomination.


Intelligent content nomination

Leverage Artificial intelligence to recommend content – at both build time as well as in real-time – and automatically deliver the most relevant and highest-performing content, dynamic messaging, and specific imagery, that accounts and contacts will find truly valuable and engaging. This also enables Account engagement analytics


Account engagement analytics

Folloze analytics aggregates engagement activities by account and contact across all touchpoints. Sellers and marketing teams understand account topics of interest, can measure the impact and ROI of their account-based marketing programs, and inform campaign strategy and next best actions. All while leveraging Collaborative Marketing and Sales Motions.


Collaborative Marketing and Sales motions

Folloze provides a ‘closed loop’ orchestration process to target, orchestrate, personalize and measure tailored account experiences. These micro-targeted campaigns dramatically increase engagement to impact revenue across the customer lifecycle.

We Play Well With Others

Folloze is really easy to set up and helps you get far more out of your existing martech stack.

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