Maximize Content ROI

Optimize your optimization

Traditional content strategies look like a toy box: A wide array of content pieces that were each created at one specific time to address one specific need, then left in the box and ignored for the next toy. Instead, Folloze lets you build a content building block set, so that every time you need a new content asset, you can build it out of existing blocks. That way you alway shave the optimal content, for the exact campaign or situation, without recreating from scratch every time, without helplessly trying to manage multiple versions of an asset in the field, and maximizing shelf life and ROI on every single asset you create.

Offer a powerful resource center

Buyers today are intensely self-served and want to do their own research – make that easy and you’ll gain their loyalty and trust.Instead of a traditional content page where customers fill out a form and download, then fill out another and download again, Folloze lets you build a highly engaging, dynamic resource center that is automatically personalized to each individual visitor, allows automated scheduling of content, and is logically structured for simple perusing and research.

Maximize ROI on your sponsored content

Traditional social, ads and marketing campaigns are static, and their broad appeal makes them in fact not very appealing at all to any one individual. Instead, Folloze lets you transform them into tightly curated content venues personalized for just that account, thereby increasing their engagement and boosting ROIon your sponsored content ads or social activity, and turning them directly into pipeline generation and connecting Marketing to revenue. You can also combine your content items with others created and hosted outside your organization, allowing you to collect leads and track engagement with all of them, not just those hosted internally.

Folloze takes you way beyond page views, opens and clicks.

Enjoy deeper insights that measure serious interest in your offerings, such as number and duration of content views, forwarding or sharing, call-to-action executions, which ones they share with colleagues – all for each and every asset they engage with throughout their entire journey. Every single metric we track for you in the Folloze dashboard was designed to help the Demand Gen team determine exactly when the right time is for sales to engage – and when to hold off.

And Folloze is really easy to set up and helps you get far more out of your existing martech stack. Seriously.

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Folloze is really easy to set up and helps you get far more out of your existing martech stack.