Folloze Live Events

In a digital-first marketplace, you need an ‘easy button’ for hosting memorable and unique virtual event experiences that engage your target buyers

Pre-Event: Invitation & Promotion

In just minutes, launch an entire pre-event journey that turns each of your invited guests into enthusiastic attendees. In addition to the agenda, include previews of key presentations, product papers, demo highlights and tailored messages from presenters that are dynamically personalized for each and every invitee.

The sophisticated orchestration plays enabled by Folloze turn your entire team, from sales to the C-Suite, into event ambassadors: Marketing creates the event microsites and campaigns. The others are notified and can edit or approve the campaigns that are then automatically executed. Upon execution, campaigns are deeply personalized and the result is a perceived true 1-to-1 engagement with B2B customers. Click “send” and then sit back and watch opens, clicks, and registrations soar.

During: Delivery & Execution

With your attendees warmed up and ready to attend your event, it’s time to use Folloze to launch real-time, in-event, personalized experiences. Include recommendations on relevant sessions, tailored digital brochures, and even suggestions on when to meet members of your team for Happy Hour. With Folloze you can finally say goodbye to untrackable print collateral and easy-to-lose thumbdrives.

Post-Event: Leave-Behinds & Next Steps

The event is over. It’s time to amp up the journey beyond the humdrum thank you email and link to a video. Instead, maximize your event ROI by using Folloze to package and deliver a content “look-back” from keynote highlights to solution demos, even picture montages and video footage – all personalized to each attendee. It worked for Cisco – they’ve experienced 50% followup – seriously – after Folloze-powered events.

Check out the dashboard to see engagement results to help you segment the leads you’ve generated. Easily divine who is truly interested in continuing the conversation versus those who just dropped by for the swag.

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