ABM is more than targeted ads and fancy funnels.

In just 30 minutes, you’ll see how ABM teams like yours deliver account-based programs that provide customers with “this was built for me” experiences powered by Folloze, the easiest and most powerful Buyer Experience Platform.

Compared to FireEye’s demand gen programs, Marlowe’s ABM program generated:

  • 5x more overall engagement
  • 20x more C-level engagement

"With Folloze, we’re able to build unique experiences - completely omni-channel - for each and every one of our customers... However innovative I want to be as an ABMer, Folloze has the capabilities to get me there."

Marlowe Fenne


No matter what you’re building, create content-rich experiences in just minutes, no coding required


Drive meaningful interactions to better identify your buying group and generate up to 20x more engagement


From design to insights, Folloze puts you back in control so you can do more yourself and rely on others less


With use cases for the entire buyer journey, Folloze is your omni-channel, all-purpose Swiss army knife

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