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How Demandbase Created a Content-Delivery Powerhouse to Hyper-Personalize the Buyer Experience and Boost Engagement

The best B2B marketers adhere to a timeless truth: Content is King. But the best B2B marketers also endure a timeless struggle: It doesn’t matter how good your content is if no one is engaging with it.

To tackle that common problem head on, ABM solutions provider and go-to-market leader Demandbase endeavored to create a next-level content experience that enables current and prospective customers to find the most relevant content, when they want it, and in their preferred format.

Knowing that video is an increasingly large part of the buying experience, Demandbase’s goal was to launch a first-of-its-kind streaming content hub to maximize content discoverability and engagement. Enter Demandbase TV, aka DBTV.

“I am a firm believer that all written content needs a video, or an infographic, or a podcast embedded within it to make it a much richer experience,” said Jon Leiberman, vice president of content, social, and influencer marketing at Demandbase.

Prior to kick-starting DBTV, Demandbase had no video platform, very little video content, and lacked an effective way for people to visualize and effectively search all of the content that existed in a single location.

“It was very disjointed in terms of how someone interested in a specific topic could get all of the content pertaining to that topic in one place,” Leiberman said.

Finding the sweet spot

Rounding out the DBTV offering, Leiberman and team launched Demandbase Central. DB Central spotlights various topics and campaigns the company is promoting, and serves to move people forward on their engagement journey with Demandbase.

DBTV and DB Central ramped up on an accelerated schedule alongside a full company rebrand and a number of acquisitions — meaning both had to be built on a platform nimble enough to keep pace with many moving parts. Demandbase found that speed and flexibility in the Folloze Buyer Experience Platform. From conception to launch, the project was up and running in less than seven months.

One of the things I like most about Folloze is the ability to change things quickly when we want to feature different pieces of content — it’s just so easy to do.

“We were sort of building the plane as we were flying it — it was out of our comfort zone and we were asking Folloze to do things they hadn’t done before,” Leiberman said. “And they delivered.”

Among the customizations: Designing DBTV to showcase all videos with a hover state that features a description of each show, highlighting a featured video at the top of the page, and adding unique navigation that makes it easy for customers and prospects to move across the video carousel.

For DB Central, Folloze Boards enable Demandbase to display content by “what’s hot,” as well as by type, topic, persona, and solution. Now, Demandbase has empowered users to quickly and easily find the content that’s most relevant to them throughout their buying journey.

“One of the things I like most about Folloze is the ability to change things quickly when we want to feature different pieces of content — it’s just so easy to do,” Leiberman said. “Flexibility and efficiency are key because we produce so much, and we always want to be showcasing something new.”

  • 18,000+ views in a single month following the launch of DBTV
  • 50,000+ views following the launch of DB Central
  • $5 Million in pipeline in a single quarter

Impressive results

We worked hand in hand with Folloze every step of the way to produce a platform that we are very proud of that we can use across most teams in our company.

The moment of truth came on launch day, when Demandbase flipped the switch on the rebranded sites, directing larger numbers of people to DBTV and DB Central than it ever had to its former site, and debuting dozens of new pieces of content.

Since pushing DBTV and DB Central live in early 2022, Leiberman and his rapidly-growing content team have relied on a number of KPIs to measure success, including the number of accounts engaged, page views, the stage at which deals close, and what content visitors consume on the path to conversion and purchase.

Demandbase had more than 18,000 views in a single month following the launch of DBTV, and 50,000 views following the launch of DB Central.

“For a B2B company of our size, and considering that we have a very niche audience and we’re not catering to the masses, those numbers are unheard of.”

Targeted engagement translated into real conversions too, with content contributing to $5 million in pipeline in a single quarter since rolling out DBTV and DB Central.

Successful customer engagement has also allowed the Demandbase team to create more content, more effectively because it’s easier to scale and distribute. Results span the entire funnel, but Leiberman said the data show that a large number of new customers consumed multiple pieces of content along their buying journey — something he attributes to the ease of discoverability.

“The Folloze-powered content hubs are very user friendly, and very sortable; the audience can get exactly what they want without working for it,” Leiberman said.

Demandbase is leveraging social and email marketing campaigns as well, to drive people to content that fits their persona or their topics of interest. Its top targets include mid-market and enterprise-level marketing and sales personas. For these audiences, content is heavily focused on the value of sales and marketing teams aligning their efforts for better outcomes.’

Thinking outside the box

Besides the extensive engagement functionality of DBTV and DB Central, it was important to Demandbase that the tech platform on which both were built could easily integrate with WordPress, the foundation for its website, and Brightcove, its video platform.

Leiberman was also keen to build something that looked and felt very different from many of the content engagement platforms in the competitive landscape.

“We weren’t looking for just an out-of-the-box solution,” he said. “The integrations and customizations were key — and from concept to build out, to the ongoing nuts and bolts, it’s gone very smoothly.”

When you have content telling your story at every level, there is no better way to connect with prospects and customers.

In addition to the front-end objectives — namely a polished resource center that looks good and functions well on both mobile and desktop — robust backend analytics are paramount for Demandbase. Because the Folloze Buyer Experience platform makes it easy to visualize which accounts are engaging and track all of the content the accounts consume, those insights now inform decisions on what content gets rotated to the spotlight in DB Central, and when.

“The keys are flexibility, efficiency, the way it looks, the way people can share content and interact with it, and also how they can get suggestions of content they may want to check out,” Leiberman said. “Thanks to an integrated resource center, we’re able to meet our objectives and serve up content really well.”

Leiberman and his team have gone all in on content, and operate on the basic truth that it drives every part of the business. That’s why he believes it’s important to look deeper than just views to uncover how long people are actually engaging with a given piece of content, and what content is leading to closed deals.

“When you have content telling your story at every level, there is no better way to connect with prospects and customers,” he said. “We’re not only going after prospects, but also existing customers for cross-sell and upsell.”

While page views and pipeline have exceeded expectations, increased brand-awareness has also been a key success metric internally.

“For any B2B marketing company, it’s important to look at how the tech platforms you use contribute to how you’re seen in the marketplace,” he said. “For us, it’s been perfect timing with the rebrand and then the acquisitions — we needed a platform that allowed us to be flexible and nimble to tell a new brand story.”

A vision realized

Having the right tech in place, Leiberman said, has made all the difference in Demandbase achieving its goal to become the top B2B streaming hub.

“We worked hand in hand with Folloze every step of the way to produce a platform that we are very proud of that we can use across most teams in our company.”

Next up, Leiberman and his team will work with Folloze to dive deeper into audience targeting with multi-filtering. One of the company’s mottos is “unspam your brand,” and deeper filtering will help to do just that by delivering customized pages for visitors when they arrive at the content hub.

“Our goal is always to reach the exact audience we’re trying to reach,” Leiberman said. “This has enabled us not only to engage current customers and prospects, but also to make our content decisions much more relevant to our audience.”

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